Optus X Power2 $50, X Wave $50, Galaxy A11 $75, Motog8 Lite $75, Realme C3 $75, Huawei Y5 $75, Connector Pens $5 + More @ Target


Some reduced phones from Target but very Limited stock. There are many more phones reduced to half price including A51, A71 & More so worth checking in store :)
Don't forget extra $10 off $50 spend using Sign up code

50% Off lots of Clearance Lines
Samsung Galaxy A11 $75 - IN STORE ONLY
Optus realme C3 Prepaid $75 (Sold out)
Huawei Y5 Unlocked Mobile Phone $75 Sold Out
Optus Moto G8 Power Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $75
Optus X Power 2 Prepaid Mobile Phone $50
Faber-Castell Tin with 40 Connector Pens $5 Sold out
Optus X Wave Prepaid Mobile Phone $50

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Target Australia
Target Australia


  • The reception on those connector pens is terrible. We used to make phones from them and you had to either be very close or yell…

  • Any of them worth getting?
    Maybe the c3 is a good back up phone.

    • Can we use other Optus's subsidiaries sim card? eg. Catch

    • The C3 and the X Wave are worth it if you want NFC and you're already on optus or catchconnect. The X Wave is painfully slow though (I've got one) - get the C3 at least.

      If you don't need NFC, the Moto G8 Power Lite has more ram, so is the better buy.

      Are they worth it? If you can't afford $200 or so for something better, and you need a phone, then they're better than nothing.

  • Bought a few packs of connector pens just to get the green ones lol. Or maybe we'll give some away.

    Faber castell apparently produces individual colours in ten packs but NFI where to buy them??

    Target everyday price on 48 and 80 pack isn't bad either.

  • Thanks OP. I guess i'll be returning my moto g8 that i've bought from amazon for more than double the price. Bought 2 now for spare.

  • Is there a cheap way for getting the phones unlocked from Optus?

  • Went in store this morning to buy the C3 at my local, scored Oppo A72 for $100 instead.

  • i read Target might be turning into an Online-only store(marketplace?) in the near future

    • They have closed one country store here in Canberra, so one main store remaining now

  • thanks op bought c3 blue color.

  • Does the "free $30 recharge" count toward you $80 minimum recharge for free unlock?
    Nobody knows if Optus prepaid handsets work on MVNO like Catch?

    Moto G8 not available WA at least, but the Realme looks good.

    • Yes, it's the same as if you bought it separately. Catch Connect works on Optus handset's. Used them a couple of times…πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

      • I am guessing if Catch mobile works then Coles Mobile should work on this too

      • Tried a Catch Connect and a Amaysim sim in a Oppo A72 and a Realme C3 and all worked. Both are Optus resellers.

        • Great i will use as it is locked until at least 6 months (my plan with coles is already like 10 months left) So no problems.

          But any one know how to unlock it for any cheaper?? lower than the advertised $25 (after 6 months, happy to wait 12 months or longer for unlocking if it can be free unlocking)

          • @USER DC: Use the included $30 credit, port out to another provider, then switch back to Optus, with $50 credit( $30+$20=$50), over the same, rinse and repeat cycle. I look for sim deals on any of the cashback sites, via ozbargain of course, then port out monthly, or 3 months, which was the last freebie( Spintel $30 free credit, used for $9.95 per month plan, but as i was stuffed around in receiving the sim, they charge for the full month, so just activate on the 1st of the month, to avoid any unnecessary bullshit charges…πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

            • @Black26: But are you sure that way counts??
              And in that way so


              Like keep porting that phone number to different providers, until e.g. i have successfully used anther 2x $30 optus starter kit prepaid (excluding the one that comes with the phone)

              Like wont optus know that the phone number had been used as a port with starter kit multiple times??

  • Thanks OP got the unlocked dual sim Huawei y5 for $65 as a spare phone ($10 off if you sign up for newsletter on new account). Can’t be frigged trying to unlock Optus.

    • Great tip. Went for $10 off, used a 5% off Target GC, stacked with 4% shopback cashback - not sure if shopback tracks on GC usage.

      • Where, may i ask, did you buy the GC's from? Shopback only showed 0.50% cashback for me…

        • Suncorp app has 5% off.

        • 5% is only $3.25 better use card to pay for it for any future problems that may arrive for warranty claims etc. otherwise would be stuck with giftcard for returns JUST FOR THE SAKE OF $3.25

  • So which one is better - Realme C3 or the Moto G8 Power Lite?

    • C3 has NFC and better processor.
      G8 has more RAM, 4GB vs 3GB.

      • +1 vote

        Ok its RAM vs Procesor

        Also i just checked the G8 is Android 9 vs C3 which is Android 10. Not sure if there is a lot of difference between these Android versions though

  • Please note, if you unlock a locked Optus prepaid phone, it will most definitely, absolutely, positively NOT work with an Aldi etc SIM.

    • And yes, I'm 100% sure. :) If you want a cheap phone with minimal usage for the kids Aldi 365 $5 won't work, but Dodo (Optus) $5 a month will work.

    • Well, obviously. ALDI is a Telstra MVNO.

      The question is will it work with Optus MVNOs sucah as Catch or Coles.
      And does the "free $30 recharge" count toward the $80 minimum recharge for unlocking?

      • I'm not sure why "it's obvious" that Aldi won't work on an unlocked phone, but Optus just told me Optus resellers will work on an unlocked Optus prepaid phone. I'm about to try and will advise.

    • Why not, doesnt it have the Telstra bands enabled?

  • How do we shopback/ sign up email/ credit card cashback/ gift card to get either a Y5 or C3 for not much?

  • FYI


    ALDI Mobile
    Boost Mobile
    Southern Phone
    Tangerine Telecom
    Woolworths Mobile


    Coles Mobile
    Jeenee Mobile
    Moose Mobile
    Southern Phone


    Hello Mobile
    Kogan Mobile
    Lebara Mobile

  • Cheers OP, just got a blue C3 put aside for the old man at the local.

    Anyone else looking for them at Chirnside Park, ignore what it says online, they have a few of both colors in stock.

  • FYI, Target Watergarden (3037) has three Realme c3 ( 1 blue / 2 red) and two Oppo A72 (black) in stock.

  • A21s is $85 are the specs better then moto g8 oppo 72 ? Which one is the best?

  • Do any of these work for 7-Eleven helicopter?

  • +2 votes

    My review if the c3.

    . Big screen even though only 720p but good all rounder especially in the sun light.
    . Nfc
    . 64gb storage plus 3 gb ram makes it snappy.
    . Good budget gaming device with the g70 soc, can play pubg at high graphics setting.
    . Finger lprint reader on back.
    . Decent camera
    . 5000mAh battery can net you 2 days of solid use, I had the dual sim and with work and personal numbers it was hammered and the battery life rock solid.

    • The problem with this is that it's locked to Optus… there are even issues when it is unlocked??

      • well thats not good at all. i recall there was issues with a huawei handset maybe the y300 or something that even though you had it ulocked it was still network restricted.

        i not sure if its the same although its a dam shame as it is a pretty decent phone for the price i paid for it and was infact at the time of release it had NFC and a finger print reader, and the finger print reader works pretty darn well.

        cod and pubg was fun on it, now my upgrade makes gaming a hole lot better.

  • I looked up the oppo A72 and it doesn't look like it has NFC, can anyone. On firm.

  • Carlingford NSW has plenty of red Realme C3, one Oppo Ax5s and one Moto G8 Power Lite, they are all $75 each. Also one Oppo a72 at $100.

    Beware they are Optus network locked, single SIM only, not dual SIM.

    • Tried a Kogan(Voda) sim in my A72 and connected ok. Must be hit and miss?
      Optus check of the imei said it was not locked.

  • My local Target had signs on where the phones were saying "Take a further 50% off already discounted clearance items" and it included tech items with no disclaimer for mobile phones.
    Tried to get the deal but was refused.

    • Pretty sure the posted prices above and online already account for the 50% off clearance price.

      • But it says "Take a further 50% off the already discounted price.."
        The price tag on the C3 said "Reg $150" then reduced to $75.
        Going by what the sign says you can take another 50% off.
        I was happy enough with the $75 deal but half that again would have been crazy!

  • Optus a72 $100 at Target

  • Don't think anyone's mentioned can save a little more by completing Shopback $2 challenge with $20 spend at the Superstore.

  • Amazon have dropped the Frozen Blue C3 to $75 delivered now for those struggling to find one @ their local Target.

  • Got the last A72 at Morley Galleria for mum. Super stoked. Anyone know how to unlock it without paying $80?
    Edit* tried my Boost sim and the phone was unlocked. A steal at $100!!