Is Apple Watch in Gold a Really Feminine Colour or Can Guys Wear It Too?

Not offended with Gold colour but my brother bought a gold Apple watch. now he is looking for some good bands to give it a decent look. Not sure why he bought gold. Is it really a guy colour too?
Can u guys suggest any good bands works well on male wrist?



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    If you spend any time outdoors people watching you'll quickly realise the social stigmas of colours, clothing, fashion, hair styles, shoes, jewellery etc has long since changed. Anything goes that you like and comfortable with. Who cares what others think.

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    Men have been wearing gold watches since watches were invented. Why wouldn't it be fine on a male wrist ?

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      I don't think it's the same gold. It's like a pastel gold, which I do think looks hideous.

      • Not to my taste, either, but it has nothing to do with a “guy” colour. I’m female and I go black, or Space Grey, when I’m given the choice of colour. I like the way it blends the edge colour and the screen.

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    Not offended with Gold colour but my brother bought a gold Apple watch.

    No, you definitely are. If you aren't, you wouldn't post this in the forum. Who cares what he wears? Are you embarrassed as his brother that he wears gold?
    You should be supportive of him but this post makes you look sexist and very controlling. I can't imagine if he one day hypothetically comes out as LGBTQ.

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      that escalated quickly, does not take much to get some people triggered. Started with an apple watch and ended up with sexism, control and LGBTQ. What next?

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      In this instance, you're the problem. Why associate gold watches with LGBTQ?

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      Never go full …

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    If he likes it and wants to wear it why shouldn't he.

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    I wear rose gold headphones. That's my thing. Who cares what others think.

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    brother bought a gold Apple watch.

    Hmmm ….!!

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      Asking for a brother

      • Cloudy01 ☁️

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    Are you 12? Theres no guy or girl colours. My gym gloves are pink.

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      True, but everyone at the gym probably assumes you're gay. Lol.

      • Another 12 year old.

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          Relax princess. It was a joke. Wasn’t obvious enough for you?

          • @lunchbox99:

            It was a joke

            That’s what they all say when called out…

  • if its in the pink band, yes, otherwise no


    Is it like this?

    Yea, it looks feminine.

  • The tiny little box of what defines “masculine” for some people. What suits someone will depend on a lot of things, including the skin tones of the wearer. My suggestion is your brother look at the mesh bands. It uses a magnetic to the mesh so it can be adjusted more precisely; I, also, like the look of them.

  • I wear a gold watch. Never had anything but compliments from it.

    • The gold Apple Watch is somewhere between gold and the Rose Gold option that used to have for their phones, so it can come across as more feminine than a proper gold colour.

      That said, rock what you reckon looks good on you, I don't think it's a problem at all.

  • Really depends on the band, gold watch with dark navy or black band looks awesome and not feminine at all in my opinion.

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