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Free: Large Slurpee, Regular Coffee or a 600ml 7-Eleven Water to Defence Force Personnel @ 7 Eleven


This Anzac Day, we’re showing our support to our defence force servicemen and women by offering them a Free Large Slurpee, Regular Coffee or a 600mL 7-Eleven Water. #7ElevenAus

Offer is applicable to anyone in an Armed Forces service uniform or in civilian clothing with service medals or bars.

Lest we forget.

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  • +19

    Lest we slurp

    • Thought I read that we had to "Force Personnel"(staff) to honour this offer lol

      • +1

        No that's just all the other offers lol

  • +7

    Lest we forget.

    Reminder set.

  • Successfully defended my home from a spider. Am I eligible?

    • +2

      Spider?! Did you take a tissues and then, very very carefully… burn the house down?

      • +3

        On hindsight, should have not used the flamethrower.

    • Only if you had used a flame thrower.

    • Were you wearing your service uniform at the time?

    • +22

      No, unlimited drinks if they are willing to do a tour of duty of all the 7/11’s

    • +5

      There is no pleasing some. They didn't need to do anything, so good on them for doing something.

    • +6

      Better than governments who value front line health care workers with an applause

      • +4

        I'm a nurse and I don't even think we needed an applause for just doing our job. Frontline workers have had it tough but so has everyone else in there own way,in most cases much worse. We don't need a pay rise when the country has thrown into extreme Debt. Real heros don't ask or expect rewards. Fair play to 7/11 for doing something

  • Free sugar death by slurpy…..

  • +3

    Just outta curiosity, we could use the cards to buy gum… then immediately quit the army. Right?

    You know… Playin’ you all for chumps?

    Correct. There's no obligation. Unless, of course, war were declared.

  • +2

    Coincidentally all the slurpee and coffee machines will be out of order and water will be out of stock…

    • +1

      SAS will storm in and neutralise the problem

  • -1

    Time to bring out my army cosplay costume from the storage cage.

  • Thanks op probably the only offer ill use this year due to covid. Btw theres a Ola ride $50 credit today for Apod and Aca members.

  • +2

    Isn’t it illegal to use Anzac Day in marketing promotions without prior approval?

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