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[Hack] BWS Try Me for $3 + $0 Free Can of Beer (Woolworths Reward Card Linking Required) @ BWS


This deal has been available before. BUT….It seems you can do MULTIPLE orders in one day at the $3 buy (It states Limit of 2 per day in the terms). You can add some lots of 2, of any "Try me for $3" product on the ONE order. I did 6 x 1 orders in a row and purchased a total of 12 Cans of Bombay G&T Double Serve Cans for only $36 (Normal price 3 x 4Packs @ $28each = $84, a nice saving of $48) + 2% Shopback.

But the Cream on the cake is that when I added 1 x single can of "Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375ml", it registers @ $0 in checkout.. So the Bottom Line is that I could order 2 x Cans of 10% Bombay G&T + 1 Can of Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375ml for only $6 which equates to $1.86 per can after $0.30 back on Shopback. This is the best way I can explain it. Cashrewards is a better deal at 5% too atm

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          • @G-rig: my guy said he couldn’t care less and to get as much as i liked haha

            • @Jimb000: lucky you, why would you care if it's not your company and (probably) getting the minimum wage

  • Picked up and worked perfect - arvo drinks sorted!

  • The gin was 2 standard drinks for $3, how does that compare to lowest ever price for a bottle of the straight gin?

    • +2

      22 standard drinks in a 700 ml bottle = $45
      5.5 x Ozbargain Hack special = 22 standard drinks = $33 (with 5.5 cans of beer bonus!)

      • Plus you don't have to pay for the mixer ;)

  • +1

    Collected my two orders today.

  • Ordered, thanks.

  • I was able to place orders following the OP instructions 2 Bombay 10% and 1 Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375ml total for the 3 $6 . I made 4 orders and all 4 have been 'randomly selected' for a security check. Guess we will see if they fulfill the orders. This is the message they sent:Thanks for placing an order with BWS - just a quick heads up, your order has been randomly selected for a security check & may be delayed. You will receive a text message shortly when your order is ready.

    • Out of my 6 orders I got a security check message. I've had these security checks before when travelling down the coast and ordering click and collect from different stores. It's nothing bad but it happens from time to time.

  • ‘Cancelled’ my order quoting ‘out of stock’! The app literally has a icon when you place the order to confirm they have stock so smelling some BS going on here

    • They're probably just a shit store and cant find the stock they have

  • Placed 6 orders..they canceled 3..changed pickup store and ordered 3 again

    Edit: did not work by changing the store

  • I can't find any stores that have the singles of the mind harvest IPA

  • +1

    Worked for me. Unfortunately the IPA wasn't in stock so that part of the hack failed. But i do like a strong G&T so def worth a try at the price.

  • Doesn't work for me. I can get 2 cans if BS 10% for $6 but if I add the beer, it scans at full price of $5.

  • refunds after 2 minutes now

  • "Thanks for placing an order with BWS - just a quick heads up, your order has been randomly selected for a security check & may be delayed. You will receive a text message shortly when your order is ready."

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      I ordered four lots. The system auto cancelled one order then the store called me about the remaining three just to verify that's what I wanted. The other three orders are ready to be picked up

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    all of the local BWS stores around where I live have said you're allowed to do as many of these $3 transactions as you wish. I think they just have to be done 2 at a time. They told me as much.. and did it.

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    I wanted to try most of them, so tried different combos and managed to get 3 x orders through and picked up.
    Second order with the East Coast IPA wouldnt work as free until i tried combos
    If you and and subrtract drinks already in the cart it removes the discount, but i was able to jag this by adding and clearing carts somehow.
    So not fully taken advantage of, but got good deals anyway

    Order 1

    • Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Double Serve 10% Cans 250mL - 2 x $10.00 - $6.00
    • Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375mL - 1 x $5.00 - $0.00

    Order 2

    • Island Fever Mango Seltzer 330mL - 1 x $7.00 - $3.00
    • Jameson Irish Whiskey Smooth Dry & Lime 4.8% Cans 375mL - 1 x $7.00 - $3.00
    • Matso's Hard Orange with Mandarin and Yuzu Bottle 330ml - 1 x $6.00 - $6.00
    • Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375mL - 1 x $5.00 - $0.00

    Order 3

    • Cruiser Spritz Summer Berry Cans 275mL - 1 x $7.00 - $3.00
    • East 9th Brewing Lick Pier Ginger Beer Bottle 330mL - 1 x $5.69 - $3.00
    • Colossal Brewing Hopmosphere West Coast IPA Can 375ml - 1 x $6.00 - $3.00
    • Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can - 375mL 1 x $5.00 - $0.00
    • Gogo Fish Evolutionary IPA - 1 x $5.00 - $5.00
  • I must be missing something… I go to the try me for 3 page, add 3 to my cart, but they're all full price? Not $3 each?

    • One of the stores near me didn't work, so I tried another and all good.

  • Does anyone know if refund will be given out for cancelled orders automatically

  • +1

    got shyte loads today

  • How long will the hold your c&c items for? Say I order two per day for 1 week and then collect. Hopefully stops them canceling my orders

  • Ordered some yesterday and thought I'd grab another lot today to pick up this arvo, the mind harvest is no longer free… No Deal.. :-)

  • +2

    i managed to get a fridge full….. ordered feral hog x 2, 10% bombay x2, and 1x free Mindharvest, for $12 times that by about 20

    edit: and it will be drunk this weekend!

  • Good while it lasted, thanks OP.

  • Original post worked for me the other day. Guy was a bit confused but had my three orders packed in the one box ready to go. Just placed some fresh orders with 2x 10% Bombay G&T plus 2x Feral Brewing biggie juice, total $12.

    • Feral biggie juice….

      Is that similar to Viagra?

      Or more when it's 4am and someone really wants Macca's but it's closed when they arrive after a 30 min walk

  • Merged from BWS Try Me 2 for $3 - Waiting for Refund

    Hello OzBargainers, I try to buy a lot of the same alcohol from the try me 2 for $3 BWS deal and a lot got cancelled. There is still no refund to be seen and just wondering how to get it, or if it is automatic as I thought. Any help is appreciated just still have the message your orders have been randomly selected as security checks. And don't know what to do?

    • What did BWS say ?

      • +4

        And don't know what to do

        What did BWS say ?

        A use case could be,

        Step(1): ask OzB.

        Step(2): await someone in OzB, to ask what did the said company say?

        Step(3): ghost.

        • +2

          Apologies… Im not thinking straight.

          • +2

            @pharkurnell: Could be from the products sold by BWS ;)

            • +1

              @SF3: I refuse to answer than on teh grounds of … … umm i cant remember.

    • What is the 2 for $3 BWS deal?

      I assume it has purchase limits that you have exceeded.

    • I got a refund recently from them and it was processed within 24 hours.
      I made six of the $3 hack orders, received the security notice too but nothing extra happened. The store actually processed the order and called me to double check the duplicate orders were intentional and offered to refund me if they weren't. It was like the local store processed everything, including refunds not BWS HQ. So try contacting the specific store you were to collect from

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