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[PreOwned] Buy 1 Pre-Owned Game or Accessory & Get 1 Free @ EB Games


Here are some items i recommand:

Paper Mario: The Origami King (preowned)

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (preowned)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (preowned)

Super Mario Maker 3DS (preowned)

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller (preowned)

x1 Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War (preowned)

Luigi's Mansion 2 (preowned)

Super Mario 3D Land (preowned)

Super mario party switch

Catherine fully body switch

Astral chain switch

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    Some price are naturally bumped 50% for this. 3ds games were all much cheaper a week ago

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      Some price are naturally bumped 50% for this

      And some cost more than new games.

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        shouldn't they be fined for tactics like this?

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      I have been watching the price of Sakuna lately, the preowned version was $39 last week, now it's $64. So yes, you are right, they bumped up the price with the promotion.

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      One ps4 game is 20 new, 44 preowned.

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    • Thanks for the heads up! Managed to get the one at Greensborough in VIC.

      Was searching for ages for something else to add to the order, ended up settling on a Preowned copy of COD Cold War for $108…. ouch… (who would buy this without any deals??).

      Edit: or not. They're cancelling my order.

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    They are charging $108 for preowned PS5 games. Some cases $10 more than brand new.

    • +1

      True but 2 $108 games is $54 each which is pretty reasonable.

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        Definitely reasonable, but surely inflating prices for a 2 for 1 deal is borderline dodgy

        • Thing is, these are the normal prices for pre-owned stuff at EB Games

        • +2

          I thought it is outright illegal.

      • $54 each for Demon's Souls and Nioh Collection is pretty good value provided they are in good condition.

      • They do price match

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    Some of these prices are a bit ridiculous. E.g. Zelda: BOTW for switch is $84 for preowned? It's $73 brand new from Amazon with free delivery.

    • not everyone member of ozb and amazon.
      poor those kids and teenagers who like to buy from retail shops….

    • +4

      Yeah, but BOTW +Odyssey = $42 each if you're buy one getting one free, which are pretty great prices

    • exactly, you can buy it for $50 on gumtree, $84 is a rip off.

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    This 'sale' is really bad. I'm not even talking about prices.

    But for delivery, most of the games are available 'in select areas' only. I tried buying 10 games just then and 6 of them aren't even available for post to metro Sydney?

    What's the point? It's not C&C so if the game has Home Delivery option available, it should be sent to me anywhere in Australia.

    • The 2 games I wanted weren't deliverable for me either WTF.

      • I think maybe they have just turned off delivery for items that aren't coming from the warehouse, after the sale finishes we will probably see that "selected areas" message replaced with the normal $14.95 delivery.

        • They fixed it, no more in selected area, only "yes" or "no" now.

      • Basically it's a pickup only deal. Forget about delivery.

  • Joy con pair for $48 is the highlight for me, presuming there's no drift present.

    • +8

      Riskiest purchase of the decade!

      • You're confusing that for GME shares.

    • What are you talking about? According to Nintendo, Joycon “drift” issue does not exist at all!

  • Need some recommendation here, anyone get those pre-owned hardware from EB previously? Thinking to grab another switch dock and it's showing $98 which I can try to get 2 to make one for the bedroom, one of the possible replacement in the future. Just not too sure if they can refund if faulty.

    • +1

      Yes, they will refund

      • Thanks mate :)

    • You will also need to buy the charger too for each dock….

      • Just check the description, looks like it's included:
        Will update you guys when picking up a bit later in the afternoon.

        • You are right! My bad. I didn't see it and now all out of stock near me. A great deal for 2 docks/chargers/hdmi cables

          • @Logical: Can't get 2 dock but tell the stock to hold 1 dock & 1 pro controller, will let you know about the detail.

          • +1

            @Logical: Just got the switch dock (dock + charger + HDMI cable) + the switch pro controller (USB-A to USB-C Cable).
            Very clean overall and have tested it without any issue so far.
            Regardless they are saying there are like 3 months warranty.
            (Can't find any condition mentioning on the site anyway…Only the staff is saying that…).
            They said they can change it if it is not working properly.

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    Black Ops Cold War Pre-owned $108… sheesh

    • +1

      I bought it but still find myself playing Modern Warfare more often than not.

    • Cold war is based on the 12 years old engine (with updated textures) whilst modern warfare is with a new game engine and feels so realistic. Cold war is more arcady than the MW.

  • Tried to get 2 x PS5 DualSense controllers for $98. But no stock for click and collect or delivery

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    A few switch games I wanted are click and collect only and not near me :( Too bad as the prices would have been good.

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    The Nintendo Switch Dock is really good at $98 as those almost never go on sale, might pair with a friend who wants a PS5 controller , thanks OP :)

    • +1

      Got the dock for $73.50 but was in 2019.

    • +1

      Tried that myself but there's have to drive several hours to find a store with PS5 controller stock, and no delivery.

      • +1

        yea ran into that problem as well unfortunately, would've been perfect
        i got the switch dock and pro controller instead and split with friend

  • Picked up a set of used joycons for $48 with 3 months warranty . I’m happy with that.

    Also if yiu go halves with someone for the pro controllers it ends up being $39 each

    • 3 months warranty? That is brave…

      • Makes no difference buying a used set on the market for more.

        I have three months t I test it out fully.

        • Still, feels risky enough that I'd buy new. But YMMV

          • @Zorlin: Joycon drift isn’t taht hard to fix as I’ve done it before so no biggie for me .

            But I have bought many used ones before and touch wood , haven’t had any issues ti date

            • +1

              @SpeedRunnerLink: Hi! Not too sure about pre-owned, but I had a very seamless experience with having my joycons fixed by Nintendo for free once they starting showing signs of joycon drift, just needed to have an invoice

    • Include strap?

  • -1

    2x copies of Miles Morales for 84, will return one when I go to pickup.

    Also got 2 third party Xbox controllers for 28 total. Cheers, OP.

    • Miles Morales was an easy get on Ebay Tuesday a few weeks back for $39 new.

      • Nice one d00d.

        tbh I don't know if I'll keep it anyway. I got it, platinum'd it, and returned it at launch, had to borrow the missus' PS4 since I don't have one anymore, and we're waiting on PS5 stock stiiiiiill… idk if we'd go discless or not though, so I might just hold out for a better deal yet.

    • I don't you can return one copy without returning the other. It's either all or nothing, I believe.

      • -1

        Hit and miss based on the staff, I've found.

        My favorite was a good few years ago, I got a copy of Mega Drive Collection on PS3 and some other PS3 game, it was a BOGOF deal, and they were both 18. I returned the other game a few days later and got 18 for it, I think the promotion had ended in the time between buying and returning though, and effectively got my Mega Drive set for freezies.

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    Can you please tell me why some preowned games are more expensive than the brand new?

    • +1
      • Brand new - price is for the most part the suggested retail price set by the distributors (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Bandai Namco etc.). Very little profit to be made on these. At some point, new stocks of games will run out and they'll mark these down over time, eventually trying to clear them out.
      • Preowned - like most stores that sell preowned copies, they buy these at quite a low price, or do deals on them in exchange for discounts on new games (e.g. their trade in 2 to make a new game $29). Then they mark them up high for much larger profits. The preowned base price is indicative of how many people have traded in that game - if too many people have, they lower the price (and also subsequently lower its trade in value) - although there's kind of an exception here when it comes to first party Nintendo games, as they retain their value.
    • Not even a piss take, but, because it's EB.

  • +3

    Awesome deal!!
    Links Awakening
    New Super Mario Bros Deluxe
    Paper Mario
    Bravely Default 2

    $148 / $37ea
    You will never find Nintendo games that cheap on Switch

    • Yes! $139.12/~$35each using gift cards

      I got:
      Bravely Default 2
      Splatoon 2
      Super Mario Odyssey
      Yoshi's Crafted World

      Great deal that really rounds out my Switch collection!

  • Brought Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade chronic 2 that I always want to have a copy, but not really have time to play. Hope they come with the original case not those eb covers.

    • Can we still get cashback? I can not find on both SB and cr. I recall they use To do that.

    • You must have got the only copy of Xenoblade chronicles 2…
      Only saw Glendale store with stock.

      • I searched every store on the list looks like only the Glendale store has any, when selecting home delivery just get this "Unfortunately the items below are not in stock for delivery in your area. Please choose Click & Collect to proceed."

        It says home delivery available in selected areas I wonder what areas those are ? We are rural here but tried several addresses of family in other cities all give the same message including someone who lives within 15 mins of the Glendale store.

      • Got mine from Sunnybank Hills qld. Looks like the last copy. Even that I have to drive like 45mins

    • Xenoblade looks very new and original case. The octopath traveler comes with eb case:(

      • I hope they reprint OT, it's so hard to get a copy. But in saying that, I guess it's still ok if they don't, as we can play it on other platform.

        • There was one brand new copy in my local JB for 3 months, nobody touch it. Till I decide to buy it, it's gone.

          • @ce5himm: Lucky! It’s very hard to find in metro NSW.

            • +1

              @akte: I am going to print those alternative box cover from Nintendo, should look better.

              • @ce5himm: Yeah, it's still better than digital in my opinion as I prefer hard copy and display in shelves.

      • Congratz on the Xenoblade 2 pickup the only other one that was in stock was 3.5 hours each way not worth it. Worth your trip to get a copy with the og case given high the prices elsewhere.

        • i can see the price on ebay is ridiculous, 140-200+. i think 100 is kind of reasonable atm

  • +1

    To OP: You get to command nothing but can commend everything! ;-)
    But seriously, thanks for the post.

  • Fire emblem and dragon quest XI are good too for those who couldn't get it from Big W sales

  • Do the two items need to be at the same store to get the BOGOF discount?

    • +1

      Yes for click and collect.

  • EB Games sells preowned games for more than the same new game from any other retailer.

  • Just purchased:

    Xenoblade chronicles and Highrule Warrior Legends - $28/14 each
    Yo Kai Watch and Yo Kai Watch Fleshy Sounds - $14/7 each
    Super Mario 3d Land and Zelda Ocarina of time - $24/12 each

    I guess 6 games for 66 bucks isn't too bad if they turn out to be decent (and in original covers, which you can never count on with EB)

    Biggest struggle was findings a way to buy 2 games from the same place/both available for delivery for the same price. kinda killed the deal for a lot of games for me.

    Also no idea what's going on with forced next day delivery on some items?

  • +1

    They have items in stock but won't ship them to my area?

    I wonder why they have started doing this, going to cost them sales you would think?

    • Basically just pickup only. I drove 1.5 hrs return to get my 2copies.

  • +1

    Pretty good deal for Switch stuff if you can find local stock. Bought 4 things for essentially 37 each which for Switch games is a great deal seeing as they're rarely ever a good price.

    • Pokemon Switch you never see that price .

  • Has anyone tried to buy any buy one get one free items in stores? I remember in the past you could get 2 items with different prices and just paid 50% for each. Wonder if it is still the same.

  • For the most part, the prices aren't amazing but some are still fairly solid. I bought these in-store (given online / click and collect will be a lucky draw of generic covers and case conditions), Fairy Tail + Crash Team Racing - $64, and Judgment + Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - $48. Also reminds me which I usually don't buy preowned, the disc of Crash Team Racing was disgusting and cracked, so I ended up exchanging it at another store closer to home (who gave me a sealed copy!). Switch games are definitely the better valued ones here if you can find two games you want in stock at one store.

    • +1

      do you recon if i can swap a gereric cover game at another store if they have one with orginal cover? the condition of the game card is very good, i can not find any excuse.

      • No harm in trying if you ask and giving excuse that you collect the games so would prefer original cover. Worst case scenario is you return the generic cover and buy again with the original cover.

        • Then I have to buy another game to make the deal?will try later

        • Looks like their 7 days free return including refund and exchange, should be ok.

      • Got the og case, very happy with that. The staff are very nice and helpful. Finally have both OG xc2 and ot for 36 each ( with gift card use) that's a Steel.

    • I didn't realise this until I got all of them in generic covers!

      • If you can find any eb with og cover in stock, I think they are happy to exchange for you. Especially within 7 days. They did check my invoice.

  • When and why did they change the delivery system for pre-owned games? Is my specific address the issue or is it my proximity to the store the game's located (store or warehouse?) that's the issue? What a joke!