Looking for an Android Phone 5-6 Inches Preferably < $200

Been looking through recent deals for android phones but all seem to be very large screens for my liking (6.5inch or higher).
Been looking through stores for phones preferably under 6 inches and more closer to 5 inches, but cannot find many suitable options.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • Closest I got for my parents was the Xiaomi Mi A3 but that runs at $299 from mobileciti.

    I agree, surprising seeing such large phones on the cheaper end.

    If that's too expensive maybe use one of those mobile websites like gsmarena to filter out those that are too small and big, then sort by price

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    The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Nokia 1.3. Currently $117 at
    JB HiFi.

    It has a 5.71 inch screen but the phone is very low spec and will be slow.

  • Get the umidigi that is close to $100 that was posted yesterday. No bezels so it looks the same size as older 5 inch phones.

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    Other half have small hands would like phones in similar size but it seems like the race is on for bigger screens like foldables. Soon phones will be phone + place mat you can literally eat off.