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[VIC, NSW, ACT] Big Chicken Platter (Boneless) 1.2kg $68 @ Gami Chicken


More than 3 times bigger than their $35 boneless chicken item so $100+ of value and with chips, rice cake, sauce and mozzarella sticks. Initially thought Big Heart was a heart disease foundation to cure the heart disease you get after eating 1.2kg of fried chicken.

Gami Chicken & Beer is giving back to the community by launching a new campaign to raise fund to support Starlight Children's Foundation 🌟

With every sale of Gami's new special, the Big Chicken - $68, $4 from the profit will be donated 🍗 Eat good, feel good, do good 😉

Shut the front door, Big Chicken is here 😍

This ultimate feast comprises of a mega 1.2kg of Gami’s famous Korean boneless chicken, mozzarella sticks, shoestring chips, rice cakes and of course an array of Gami’s famous sauces for you to dip everything into 🍗🍗🍗

Gami is also donating $4 of every meal purchased to Starlight Children's Foundation Australia⭐ Take part in Big Chicken Big Heart today!

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    Gami Big Boneless Chicken
    More than 3 times bigger


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      What a big cock

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        Username checks out.

    • Jv got a new hat, is it for ANZAC commemoration?

      • No, it's one of the new OzBargain gravatar filters…

        Only pro-members get access to them for now…

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    doesnt look like their menu has updated on the app yet

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    Is it 1.2kg of meat plus the other stuff or 1.2kg inclusive of all the other stuff?

    • More like 2/3 chicken, 1/3 coating..

      "comprises of a mega 1.2kg of Gami’s famous Korean boneless chicken, mozzarella sticks, shoestring chips, rice cakes and of course an array of Gami’s famous sauces for you to dip everything into"

      Sound like 1.2KG's of it + other stuff.

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    In what world is 1.2kg of chicken worth $68.

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      In the world of K-Pop

      • Is this chicken place related to k-pop?

        • Only that they're both Korean

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      I mean, it's not like it's just in the packet from woolies. They've prepared and cooked it too…

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        Agreed, however for arguments sake the chicken cost them $10kg to buy…I would argue that the preparation and cooking of it is not worth $58kg.

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          Do you think restaurants are charities that do not have any labor or overhead costs?
          You are paying for the cooked product, and the restaurant experience.

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          Do you also post comments in furniture deals about how pine is only $2 per linear metre?

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            @djkelly69: No way that car's worth $70k! I could buy the metal for that for about $2500…

        • +13

          I bet you look a Picasso and say it's only worth $50 of paint and frame

        • yeah you always get the same responses 'but the overheads!', I agree, $58 is insane, theres too much money going somewhere and I thought the idea of specialisation was so we could get things cheaper than we produce ourselves. Australian food prices are arguably more expensive and worse than so many other places.

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            @bkhm: Labour
            Profit for the deployment of capital (hospitality ain't easy and cheap to set up)

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            @bkhm: Duh, we specialise in high commercial real estate rents. World leading.

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      $4 from the profit will be donated 🍗 Eat good, feel good, do good 😉
      to Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

      This is their justification.

      By all means if you love their chicken buy it. Otherwise just donate directly and buy chicken separately :)

      • -1

        You can be cynical but you are criticising Gami for choosing to donate to charity

        • +10

          Not saying $68 for 1.2kg of chicken is expensive or not but I'm so sick and tired of companies or organizations using charity to promote their products. This is just like when Woolworths increase the prices of their milk to help farmers. If you're really sincere about helping then just take money from your own pocket instead of using charity as an excuse to increase prices or sell products.

        • +3

          Also agree with what vlo said.

          This is OzB, if a business offers a great deal, that’s where we have buy in. If they are attaching their name to charity to gain sells, that’s where it is a business deal for advertising IMO.

          A business doesn’t need promo themselves this way, they should let their high quality product speak for themselves and sometimes a good deal to gain our attention. They can then donate from the goodness of their hearts, rather than attaching to a sale - ie conditional.

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      Who say's it's 1.2KG's of Chicken? A large % is coating.

      'Australian' fast food business… where even food trucks sell a pittance of food for high $…

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        Do you buy a whole fish and subtract the weight of bones before you pay? It's already boneless.

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          We tried their Chicken at Whitford City, Hillarys WA, and found them ok if somewhat bland.

          First couple of pieces were good/different, then started to taste floury.. Don't really eat out but may try them again at some future point in time.

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      If it's 1.2kg sounds like it's a filling meal for 4 people. Less than $20 per person eating out is generally a pretty reasonable price…. so I'd say it's worth it in this world.

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    Had this on the weekend

    Sizewise it is suitable for 4 ~30yo male. Not sure about 3x bigger than their $35 chicken. Variety is great tho.

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      4? Wow, I was going to just ask 1 dude to come and eat it with me…..might need a rethink now

      • We had 7 people, ordered:

        1 x the big chicken platter
        1 x whole chicken
        2 x potato heaven
        2 x corn cheese
        1 x seafood platter

        We barely finished it

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          Who's game enough to eat Gamis in white suit?

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      What happens after 31+ ? 🤔

      • +4


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          May as well do what LEGO does, appropriate for ages 4-99 😁

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            @SF3: @SF3: What if you are 100?

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              @Levity: If so, count yourself lucky to be here :) respect our elders/seniors.

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        You start eating at non chain restaurants.

    • Yeah I'd say it's enough chicken for 4-5 normal people with 1 side.

      • +3

        or 1 abnormal person

    • Looks like a lot of deep fried chicken skin more so than meat in the picture.

      Saying that the platter doesn't look too bad for the tax..

      Better than Nene fried chicken?

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    2kg of chicken wings or drumsticks are around $7 at Aldi. I don't really think it's a bargain per se. I enjoy their fried chicken, but they're not cheap nor can be considered value for money.

    • +14

      When has dining in ever been value for money…

      • +2

        Don Don in Mel CBD, haha. Couldn't cook those meals for that price.

        Couple other money laundering spots with good prices can be decent, too.

        • Don don is ridiculously cheap. Any other good places?

          • +2

            @modded: Hmmm, Don Don is the cheapest for sure.

            Dehli Rocks does a great (big!!) Thali meal for 12 dollars, with unlimited roti if you eat in.

            I go to Them Vietnamese pretty often, its a bit more expensive (12-14 dollars) but the food is excellent and servings are big.

        • is dons dons still around ? I used to go one near melb central. I thibk it was like $6 for a chicken rice? how much is it now?

          • @pokgai: Still one at melbourne central, one near southern cross and one southbank too.

            Prices are 7-11 dollars depending on what you get. More on the menu than before, and IMO quality of the food has improved slightly too.

            The Don Don box ($10.30) is always great and heaps of food, I like the Sukiyaki Don ($7.8 I think ?) or the new Chicken Karaage (around $10).

            • @nigel deborah: one in carlton next to lygon st

              • @Oz8argain: Oh, cool. Never picked up on that, it has a different name on google maps. Interior looks cool.

                People order stuff at don don all the time that I can't see on the menu. Not sure where they are finding out about this stuff.

      • +1

        KFC, Dominos etc when they have deals can be rediculously value for money, cheaper than making it yourself! Anyway I don't think my comment that they're not cheap or value for money is off the mark, not sure why I'm negged for it.

    • When you go to a bar do you complain you can get the $11 can for $2?

      • +6

        It's a bar not barGAIN for a reason

        • Great pun have my upvote

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      All you need to do is buy a some potatoes, rice cakes, a deep fryer, oil, some mozzarella and breading, thendebone the chicken, bread it and the mozzarella, cut up the potatoes, par boil them/fry them once, then fry everything else, do whatever is done to the rice cakes, prepare some sauces and present it all. Then wash everything up after finishing it.

      That a vaguely related product from the supermarket is cheaper than a cooked and served product in a restaurant should be a no brainer to anyone.

      • +2

        But your cooking might end up inedible, what a waste.

        • +3

          I cooked a chicken and roast veggies the other night, left an absorbent pack in there from the chicken and the entire thing tasted like plastic. So for me this deal is even more of a bargain!

    • not sure why downvoted… that price for 1.2kgs is ridic. no bargain here

  • +5

    2 x $31.95 KFC Family Feast and still have $4.10 change to donate…😃

    • +1

      Which has more kilojoules?

      • +2

        Which has more kilograms? 🤫

    • +4

      True, but a KFC Family Feast does not compare to a delicious Korean Fried Chicken platter. Worlds apart.

      • -2

        Yeh, I’d rather have a $200 seafood platter instead…worlds apart. 🤪

        • C H I C K E N !!!! Not seafood . Chicken Ummmmmmmm - I think that's what Homer says.

          • @z28: Homer actually prefers lobster…PINCHY he would say. 🤤

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    Is this a bargain? $68 seems quite steep

    • +4

      Was in the first sentence….

      More than 3 times bigger than their $35 boneless chicken item so $100+ of value

      No different to Qantas Points people keep chasing, its over valued if you don't fly business class. Better to get bank reward points for higher gift card payout

      • The issue with bank reward points is that if you're churning cards between banks, or you want to close the account due to annual fees, you lose the points. Qantas or virgin allow you to store the points eternally and transfer to family members if required (like if your Significant Other also has a credit card, you can combined points).

        In general I do the maths of 1 bank point = 1 flybuys point = 1 woolies point = 0.5c, Qantas points = 0.66c. If I use them for anything of better value then its all a bonus, but the general gift card redemption rates are pretty similar.

        Edit: Looks like you need to use auto rewards to get $0.66c on gift vouchers for qantas, at least for WISH. Still would be interested to hear if the bank point redemption is still around 0.5c per point.

        • +1

          Better to get bank reward points for higher gift card payout

          You obviously cash out your points before closing the account

          Generally you also get bigger reward points bonuses and points ratios

          Banks look to be around 0.45 to 0.48 or so

          Points for flights aren't all that great once you take into account the high fuel surcharges and tax they like to add.

          Having look at Krisflyer and other companies, Qantas is one of the worse FF points system around

          Just looked at Qantas store its a 0.48 for the Wish Gift Card

    • +2

      It is good value if you are going to Korean fried chicken anyway but not if you are a penny pincher eating Coles $8 chickens at home

      • Thanks OP, I am unemployed, I would rather take $8 chicken at Costco, quantity over quality for me. Can't afford it mate

  • +2

    it's $34.95 for 21 pieces of chicken ( approx 1.6kgs) at KFC.

    Not sure why the weight of the chicken platter is a marketing tool or the starlight foundation.

    • +1

      This promotion is advertised as 1.2kg of boneless chicken.

  • +5

    Had it last Friday night, the food was mediocre, received cold mozarella sticks, the chicken was bland and service was pretty slow, had to ask for our drinks a few times. They do take the dine and discover vouches.

    • They should have given you sauce, maybe you had a bad experience at your franchise.

  • +2

    Not sure why you're all complaining. It's not the same as KFC but as a fan of Coles and Costco chicken, I really don't have muchinterestin this. That said aside from a good way for four friends to enoy chicken

    • You are exactly right, between 4 or 5 friends it's roughly $14-17 each, you can't compare it to eating Costco or Coles chicken at home it's not comparable to eating out

  • Mmm gamey chicken

    • +1

      Gami means in Korean means beautiful taste, so it is literally beautiful tasting chicken and beer

  • +2

    went there once and ended up being very disappointed. i'm not sure how good the quality was when it was solely based in melbourne but i'm guessing franchising and expanding to literally every vacant lot has caused the quality to fall dramatically (i think there's like 3 stores in the sydney cbd alone - central park, world square and market street).

    • I've only been to central park and have been happy with service and food there.

  • +3

    1.2kg chicken for $68???????And it was $100+??Oh

    • +1

      Yeah the boneless is a bit pricier because it's less effort and more work for them, so the $35 serving is a bit less than the whole boned pieces. Also Gami is one of the best Korean fried chicken chains.

      • I dont mind to eat bone in chicken and spit the bond out,thats the fun of eat wing and drumstick,otherwise Ill just get fillet instead,also fried chicken is easy and tasty food not because Korean or KFC.But I think someone would like those bargin anyway

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    With people talking about 2kg of chicken is cheaper at coles etc, how about go a step further and just buy a live chicken? That will be the real bargain!

    • +5

      A live chicken? Mate, might at well just buy the egg!

      • +4

        Which one come first? Chicken or egg?
        With chicken, you will get free egg!
        And if you breed enough of fighter chickens, you can raid KFC.

        • +1

          The rooster came first.

  • +4

    Big Chicken Big Blocked Heart would be more appropriate…..

    • -1

      Big Blocked Heart

    • +2

      Money should be donated to the Heart Foundation.

      • Yeah when I heard it was called big heart assumed that too. It's like McDonald's giving free Big Mac's to NRL and AFL fans.

  • +1

    Can you get sweet chilli chicken or do they have to be unflavoured?

    • They give sauce on the side or can dip it for you

  • +2

    I've had it once but found it bland. It's supposed to be Korean Fried Chicken I think and there is better Korean Style Fried Chicken to be had in Nene Chicken (Macquarie Centre) and Korean Fried Chicken (The District, Chatswood). It's a lot of quantity is mainly the benefit here but if you want quantity go to Kentucky Fried Chicken (at least the regret is known for that one).

    • +1

      Yeah the original you might find it bland but the chilli or soy and garlic are my go tos.

  • -1

    Prefer boneless pizza