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[eBay Plus] Forty Spotted Gin 700ml $18 (Was $95.99) Delivered @ Boozebud eBay


Nice surprise. Advertised as $49 for eBay Tuesday, but only $18 at checkout !!

The price has dropped significantly so decided to repost.

eBay Tuesday post

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      Quantity updated. Try again.

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    1,017 sold in one hour - wow

    • big

  • So is the code still working? I ordered one about 10 minutes ago and it was fine. Will it allow me to order another?

    • No. "You already applied this code to an order."

      • new account with ebay plus trail?

  • They won't fulfil this surely

    • Ebay make enough profit.

  • Thanks OP :D

  • Don't drink alcohol. Bought.

    • you do now. in the name of value

  • Cheers…I figured as much.

  • Sold out :(

  • The seller doesn't have that many left! Lol too slow

  • Sold Out :(

  • Just got one then (citrus gin whoops my bad mixed them up) Can see some being cancelled though.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • This also works with Ugg Slippers. Got it for $0 but it would likely to be cancelled. It seems that the code is bugged

  • +5

    Code works for the citrus gin too, just bought a bottle $18 as well.
    Round two let's goooooo.


    • Whoops thats the one I purchased instead lol.

    • Got it, thanks :)

      • its not working on second order.

        • it was my first order, I missed the classic gin

    • I'm getting: "You already applied this code to an order."

      • +1

        Yes only for the few of us that missed out on the original, only get to use the code once sorry.

        • I missed the first, and getting code not valid message too. Ah well

  • Thought I had missed out but it was still there in my cart 😄

  • 1125 sold before it went oos. Poor boozebud.

    • how many pallets is that?

      • They come in a case of 6. 187.5 cases. Wouldn't have anywhere near close to that on hand.

        • They must have an absolute shitload of this. It's the old bottling, forty spotted has been rebranded for a while. Boozebud have been running specials on this bottling for about a month, if I had to guess I'd say that Forty Spotted sold thousands to boozebud at a discount to clear the old stock.

          • @finnybro: This would make sense perfect execution on how to move old stock quick.

  • +2

    You can apply this code to most of the gin listings - I just bought a bottle of Vickers Luxe Gin 700ml for $11.01 delivered.

    • Link?

    • As it turned out, the code could be applied to all eBay plus products. Sadly once I realised , the gin had already been purchased. 😒

  • Back in stock, picked one up, thanks OP!

  • still working for me

  • +2

    Just got an order update saying it has been sent! Gee whiz!

  • Bought mine towards the ned and just had “shipped” notification

  • +1

    It's cold gin time again!! Thanks Op!!

  • It worked for me with vodka from boozebud
    Think it’s anything from them

    • I tried but got this "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

      • I tried on the PC and clicked it a few times and somehow it worked. Luck i guess.

  • coupon doesn't seem to work anymore

  • Related/ maybe not related.. but I applied this code (PLUSAOT1) a 970 m.2 ssd to get $46.99 off the marked price.

  • Hi y'all, remember you can use this code on many different items. I'm looking at buying a solar panel and this code just popped up, $46.99 off almost all solar panels.
    I'm unsure if this code is one use only, as in, can I use it to buy one solar panel then tomorrow buy one bluetooth speaker and get $46.99 off each time?
    Does anyone know? Or do I have to chose my $46.99 saving carefully.

  • +1

    Wouldn't it be great if eBay cancelled these order due to not enough stock and credited us with a $46.99 voucher. Optimal scenario.

    • While that would be optimal, I suspect what will actually happen is eBay gets in touch with Boozebud, asks them to halt shipping on these orders and then cancels everything that hasn't shipped yet.

  • +4

    This may turn out to be a very costly day for ebay. The one time code for the airfryer seems to be able to used for any number of ebay plus items. The sellers may already be starting to fulfil these orders because at the back end they only see the payment being received without reference to this one off code. 10k orders would be around $470k ebay would be picking up as its not seller errors. I'd say just looking at this gin selling over 1k plus the others through boozebud and God knows how many other items it could be a slaughter.

  • +1

    Just got a notice the item has been posted and tracking details provided.

    • Same. I was early to order when there was only 5 to 10 upvotes

  • It's a bit strange how quickly they posted and provided tracking. Premeditated almost

  • Order placed: 1235
    Order updated to "tracking no. provided": 1404

    Didnt think it would make it to this stage. Well made up with this.

  • +5

    This is what happens when you look away from Ozbargain for an hour

  • +1

    I went to lunch and this happens!

  • Order shipped.

  • All of the special deals now have a ‘we are experiencing technical difficulties’ label…

  • I don't drink, can it be used as sanitizer :p

  • +1

    Now has Auspost tracking so it's on the way

    • What time did you order?

  • -1

    Anyone know any good drink recipes where you can't actually taste the gin?

    • +1

      Some kind of flavoured tonic water, maybe 500mL per shot?

    • +1

      Mix 3 parts Laguvulin with 1 part gin. You wont taste the gin.

    • Apple juice

    • Anything that doesn’t include Gin should solve your problem.

  • -1

    Anyone in WA got a shopping confirmation yet?

    • +1

      Yes just got mine.

    • -1

      I'm still waiting in WA, and put my order through very early….

    • -1

      Mine got a tracking number now as well. Glad to see they are still honouring it :-)

    • -1

      Nope, still waiting. I was in pretty late though.

  • +9

    FYI :D

    Congratulations on your recent purchase of Forty Spotted Classic Gin through our eBay store! You certainly scored quite the bargain!

    As you may already be aware, the price that this product was selling at was an error. Good news is though that we will be honouring this price and shipping every bottle that was sold! So your Gin WILL be with you shortly. Due to the technical error however, there has been an issue with over selling of this product and we have now run out of stock. We have spoken with the supplier of this product to get more stock sent to us as a matter of urgency, and while the stock is confirmed, it is unlikely to hit our warehouse until mid next week.

    So while we are able to honour our commitment on price, we will unfortunately miss our commitment on shipping and handling times. I understand that this outcome may not be ideal, but we feel that it is a better option than cancelling orders and processing refunds. If this outcome is not suitable to you we are more than happy to process a refund, just let us know and we will start this process.

    Rest assured that getting your gin to you is being worked on as a matter of urgency, and we will keep you updated with the progress of delivery. Please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Kind regards,
    The BoozeBud Team

    • +1

      You guys got a bargain. Surely a delay on delivery is nothing. I know I won't care if I manage to snag this bargain.

      • I received mine today!

        • even better.

    • +3

      I was expecting my order to be cancelled and I wouldn’t have been that upset, as it was clearly an error. But yeah, good stuff. I just hope eBay is covering the loss and not BoozeBud.

    • +2

      Wonder if the next batch they get in will be the fancy new bottle!

      I suspect eBay will be footing the bill too - this was a glitch on their end, not Boozebud's!

      • Surely it's on eBay. As if they would care it's chump change to them and generated a lot of new interest.

    • My bottle just arrive today. Perfect timing for the long weekend.

  • Mine arrived this morning - Melbourne. What a bargain!

  • Arrived this morning in Melbourne. Paid for my eBay plus membership pretty much.

  • +1

    Not only is this order being fulfilled, but eBay just sent me a $5 voucher because of the delayed delivery lol.

  • Arrived today from both my Ebay plus accounts.

    Here’s something interesting. While both accounts arrived today and they’ve both just received a sorry your item is arriving later then expected email.
    New account under 12 months old that only shops on promos got a $5 late shipping code. 15 year old account that’s active no code just the free return label.

    Anyone else score a $5 late shipping code?

    • +1

      Just got a text from them stating item arriving later than expected. Still haven't received the bottle, but I'm not exactly in a rush for it to come in anyways lol

  • Anyone else get the $5 code for a late delivery? I have 3 of these now and never know what to buy with them!!

    • Feel free to pass them on to me if you can't use them!

  • I'm still waiting on mine, AusPost tracking has said "we've got it" since Saturday.

    Finger's crossed for a $5 voucher for late delivery - can these stack with anything else?

    • Not stackable according to the T&Cs. Got the voucher and my gin yesterday.

  • I've received no info on shipping yet so I'm guessing I'm in the mid week extra stock batch… I just squeaked in.

  • No $5 and not even shipped yet for me.

    • You probably got the free return postage voucher like me? There seems to be a 50% chance to get the return voucher or the $5.

      • Ah thanks I'll check

        • Yep, no voucher, no shipping here either…

  • I got mine last Friday 07.05.21. Yes it took a while but certainly worth the wait especially at that price :)

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