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[eBay Plus] UGG Slippers $19, Forty Spotted Gin 700ml $49, Kitchen Couture 4.2L Air Fryer $59 Delivered @ eBay


This week's eBay Tuesday deals. If you snooze, you won't lose, so don't worry.

Launching at 12pm:

AUS WOOLI UGG Slippers - $19 (was $45)

  • 500 total units

Forty Spotted Gin 700ml - $49 $18 See here

  • Alcohol - for ages 18+
  • 400 total units

Kitchen Couture 4.2L Air Fryer - $59

  • 500 total units

Royal Comfort 250 TC Organic Sheet Set - $39

  • 500 total units

Grant Burge Thorn Riesling 6x750ml - $85

  • Alcohol - for ages 18+
  • 1000 total units

Link and code will be added when deal goes live

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  • +13

    Lol another fail !
    Pass for me

    • +1

      eBay is probably still trying to recover costs of the numerous $50 vouchers it gave out for free

  • +1

    the gin must be the boozebud one. same price as the last time cashback sell but without 25% cashback and 15% AMEX cashback

  • +1

    Do your research. The fryer has bad reviews. I might try for the uggs

  • I think Kitchen Couture 4.2L Air Fryer is $59

    • +3

      it says

      Was $45

    • +3

      Ugg don't know

  • +1

    even worse than last weeks'

    • Let's see the sales figures…..The vacuum with 1500 pieces on offer last week only sold 31 units (2%). That will be a hard act to follow.

      • How do you see sales figures?

      • depends on how u c it, this seller made total sales of $6169.
        besides the dog beds, this is the lowest from last week's sale,
        and i bet only the Air Fryers could barely beat it this week.

        • Air fryer also not that special price

          • @hurr1cane: ya but when u looking at the others,
            i think Air fryer got the best chance.

  • +1

    No reason to join ebay plus now

    • It depends

    • You can join to get the $50 gift card for free.
      Have for a couple times gotten the $50 voucher for FREE

      • I got the $50 voucher and the free gift! I'm pretty sure it was a system error though.

        • How ?

          • @USER DC: It showed up on my account as offering me the "Gift" (just a select number of items that are around $50) and the $50 voucher.

      • Make sure you record when you cancel. Eg, You should get a cancellation email, until then it isn't cancelled. They also get you to sign a debit agreement in your PayPal,so good to cancel this.

  • When is the better deals going to come ?

    • Be patient

      • +1

        Have been for the past few weeks.

        • be patient for few months not weeks. lol

          • @DEALS1984: I'm gathering we must be coming to the close of this promo. Typically they have only last 4 to 6 weeks. I hope they don't go out with a fizzle.

    • never
      even if there is one, it would be limited to 500 units or so and all gone in 2 seconds anyway

  • +2

    UGG is good price. I remember last deal was $25.

  • Oh no,Ugg coming again

  • 2 weeks of gibbidge.

  • Drab

  • +1

    Terrible. Got a 7L Kitchen Couture air fryer 2 weeks ago for $69 from ebay.

  • -1

    250TC sheets

    I've owned hessian garden sacks with high thread counts.

    • Organic

  • +4

    So now become Tuesday clearance store?

  • Garbage tuesday again

  • +3

    This feels like a very optimistic, long-term bait and switch campaign.

    • They start last year with $1 items.
    • Then they restart it this year with some pretty good deals.
    • Now they assume people are in the habit of just mindlessly buying things on Tuesday, and they'll buy anything.

    Doesn't seem to be working though. They sell crap, we call it crap :)

  • +3

    The great news about this week's offers is that I've saved $255 (the combined cost of all 5 items) by not buying any of them.

    Thanks to Skido for the post though.

  • +1

    eBay selling unwanted items from Reject shop in the last 2 weeks.

    • How’s the vacuum going?

      • +1

        In itself the Trouver Power 11 Vacuum is okay, except the battery depleted faster than the quoted duration.
        But I felt cheated cos it did not include the movable floor station &/or wall hanging station to hold the vacuum and accessories.
        Sent a message to supplier but he replied it was not included.
        No wonder it sells -$100 cheaper, but other supplier include the floor station for same RRP.
        I am beginning not to trust the deals on eBay Tuesday anymore.
        Another supplier is selling at $249 (RRP299) with all accessories included.
        Only 31 units sold last Tuesday but we were misled that it sold-out 500 units last Tuesday.

        • +2

          I'd feel cheated as well.

          I'd ride that eBay plus membership and push for a refund. But that is just me, I've a sense of entitlement and tend to not like it when I feel cheated.

        • What item's from this pic did you not get? The wall hanger and floor station?


        • That 'affiliate' error (above) occurs when you post links directly from eBay or Ali. It's an annoying quirk of the ozbargain system that misidentifies mobile links as referral links.

  • I'm still waiting for another $19 sodastream, what's the likelihood of that making a return anytime soon? I missed out on the last one.

  • +1

    Will they throw in a mystery product at 12 noon that's half decent?

    Edit: 12:01 …. nope.

    • +1

      the surprise was $46.99 off any item and It worked for 1.5 hours before they fixed it within minutes of the $46.99 post ;)

      • +1

        Indeed, had I know when it was universal I wouldn't have wasted it on the gin!

        But yes, that was a nice surprise, even if it was unintentional.

        • I didn't want to wait too long and jumped on the gin too.

          • @johnmelb: I'm not too disappointed…… I would have missed out totally had I not secured the gin.

            I didn't see the post skido linked until just then, admittedly I would have preferred not seeing it at all frankly!

            • @ash2000: I read urbancartel's post, but I had allready pulled the trigger on the gin.
              I'll have to live with the gin, I was almost giving up on ebay Tuesday anyway.
              How hard can it be to get a promo right one time (have to admit, this time it was in our favour).

              • @johnmelb:

                How hard can it be to get a promo right one time

                It's been a very costly error for eBay today, let's hope they learn from their incompetence.

                Boozebud will be absolutely delighted though.

  • got the Ugg.. you gotta .. lol ..

  • The ugg picture is mis-leading.

    • I was only going to grab them if they were actually selling that one 😕

      • Same, but oh well beggers cant be choosers.

        • I mean they say they’re unisex but they’re a bit too girly for me!

          • @Chickenleg: Wear them around the house, no one will care.

            But for me we got a dog so the dog hairs can go on the wool part. But oh well.

            Stupid ebay fake images

            • @Turd: Wait so which one are they selling? Is it the fluffy one with the mane?

  • Tis a single code to buy only 1 item!

  • +7

    Just got the bottle of gin, came up as $18.- for me :)
    Not sure if pricing error or what.. Just said voucher code took off 46 something.

    • Had the same for me!

    • So it did. Grabbed that instead of the uggs cheers for the heads up

    • This is why I read OB … got something this week anyway..
      Here's the link for people reading this later: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283876518053

    • they removed the listing moment after I bought it. thanks.

    • Still says removed on front page. When I clicked buy, "seller's changed the listing", clicked buy again and got it for $18. Hopefully they honour :) Thanks!

    • Just got posting confirmation so I guess it all worked, best gin deal ever for me :)

  • Of course for the UGG size AU 12/13 & 14 are not offered (whereas for other UGG listings they are being offered).
    Anyway, won't be buying anything today, just like last week.
    Edit: $18 gin is worth it!

  • +2

    $18 Gin is still available via direct link guys & girls: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283876518053

    • Thanks. I don't even drink Gin, but for $18 @ 40% alcohol I'm happy to have a bottle!

      • Cheers!

  • The Riesling says sold out, but it actually listed as sold out. There was actually never any stock available, which is evidenced by the absence of the "units sold" counter.


    It was a phantom deal. Dodgy AF.

    • Yeah theres no way the Reisling deal would have sold out that fast.

      • Yeah, just edited. See above.

        • where can i make a complaint about this ?

          • @samelight: eBay support? But they'll just say it sold out quickly!

            Facebook for eBay Au.

            • @ash2000: 1000 units sold out in seconds ? i dont think so, and they dont have any sold records

              • @samelight: As I say, it definitely didn't sell a single bottle, but what they tell you is another story.

                Just a ruse to make eBay Plus look more popular than it actually is.

                • +1

                  @ash2000: lol ya im on live chat about the Ugg and when i mention about this Riesling they told me

                  We have checked with the issue of Grant Burge Thorn Riesling 6x750ml - $85 1000 total units and see that the seller has not yet update their stock on site that is the reason it is not showing any stock.

                  so basically its the same as

                  it sold out quickly!

      • Yep, it was the crappiest deal of the lot, and that is saying something. The $89 price point could easily be obtained from other promo codes any day of the week.

  • +1

    Did anyone actually attempt to buy the Uggs? I had the discount code PLUSAOT1 take $45 off the total price, making them free. I had to make a test purchase just to check… my invoice came up free as well and didn't need any payment details…

    • Same got it for free

    • +2

      I paid $19 an hour ago. Can’t cancel it either.

  • Check your eBay - this code is working on heaps of items

    Just got $40 item for free

    • Same for me. Was giving me $46.99 off any item.

      • any they cancel the code, it no longer works on anything minutes after the post.

  • Doesn’t work anymore

  • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.
    No idea what happened

  • partay's over - code expired

  • Hey, they updated the code. So now you can use it again on these items. Nice!

    Not for free but I was happy to pay $19 for the Uggs and already used the previous code. Cheers OP.

  • +2

    used the code now and it took $26 off an item

  • +4

    Did anyone else have PLUSTUES - take $26 off any ebayplus item? I just got Marvel Advengers from bigw for $23 bucks cause of that.

    • YYES! Must be the remainder of the voucher

    • +1

      It doesn't even have to be an eBay Plus item. I just used it on a regular (non-Plus) item and got $26 off. So it looks like $26 off any item.

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