Converting USD Banknotes to AUD (Melbourne)

Given that most of us will not be doing any travel any time soon, I thought I'd look for a cost effective way to get rid of my US dollars (this is Ozbargain after all).

I know the big 4 banks will have a high built-in commission, are there any places in Melbourne that provide a better overall rate?
It's approximately USD $800.

I remember going to a place KVB Kunlun some time ago. Would that be recommended, for those in the know?



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    Terrible time to do it honestly, wait 1-2 years when currency stores are all open and beating each other on price.

  • Let your fingers do the walking - there are plenty of non-bank money changers in Melbourne still operating.

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    I would chuck it on classified for sure. No need for a third party making the money. Win win situation

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