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$100 off All Purchases above $600 + Delivery @ Steelcase


Not as good as previous offers, but not terrible.

eg: $1471+S&H for the Gesture:

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    Previously, they wouldn't ship to South Australia.

    Is this still the case?

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      Is this steel the case?


      Just tried with a random address - looks like no, but maybe try your own address?

      Shipping is currently unavailable to your address through our online store. If you would like to place an order, please email us at [email protected].

      It's entirely possible that they have an existing arrangement with an authorised dealer in that state.

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    This store seems to sell office chairs and desks - in case someone was wondering like me, to save a click


    Did they just jack the prices of the Leap by at least $100? So add on $100 then take off $100.

    And jacked the Gesture by $50 compared to last month? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603640


      Well spotted!


        They were also too lazy to update their website. The main page says Leap "from $1108" but click in and it is from $1205 with no arm rests.


          Hello, we have not made any product pricing changes. Leap has different pricing depending on the options chosen. The prices start at $1108 without arm rests for the black frame version and $1205 for the silver frame version. We discovered an issue where the silver frame version was selected by default, and have reordered the variants to be more clear. We apologize for any confusion.


            @SteelcaseAustralia: Ok cool, that explains that.

            So to buy the Leap, this deal is not as good as the deal from February and that deal is not as good as a deal from January.