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[VIC] Double Hotpot Package $88, Free Soft Drinks & Pink Chinese Doughnuts + $5 Post ($0 to East Suburbs) @ Little Hotpot Heroes


Hi again Ozbargainers,

I just want to start by thanking the Ozbargain community for all your support on our last post. We were absolutely overwhelmed by all the orders, feedback and kind words we received. We totally underestimated the amount of traction we would get and are very grateful.

We are back to help celebrate Mothers Day with the introduction of our new $88 Double Set Package which includes:

  • 2 x Little stainless steel hotpots for you to keep
  • 2 x Fuel
  • 2 x Soup bases (spicy mala/herbal/tomato)
  • 2 x Noodles
  • Pack Option 1 (100g beef/pork/lamb or soy pack or tofu pack)
  • Pack Option 2 (100g beef/pork/lamb or soy pack or tofu pack)
  • Pack Option 3 (100g beef/pork/lamb or soy pack or tofu pack)
  • 2 x Vegetable Packs
  • Mushroom Pack
  • Matches
  • Sauces
  • Bowls
  • Chopsticks
  • Reusable shopping bags

From today to 09/05, orders of the $88 Double Set Package will come with 2 FREE cans of soft drink as well as a box of Pink Chinese Doughnuts.

Order before 8pm for next day delivery.

Please check out our website for full details and to place your order.

For our friends in the North and West, we have now partnered with Doodel to help us with these deliveries. For a flat delivery fee of $5 they can deliver our packages straight to your door every Wednesday and Saturday. Full disclosure, we have had to slightly increase the price for orders through Doodel to help cover some additional costs. As an example, the $50 package sells for $54.99 plus $5 delivery. We will include a FREE ladle with all Doodel package orders to help make up for the price difference.

For orders to the North and West, please visit:

Thanks again for your support. Happy to answer any questions you may have.


This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Can you get the double hot pot in the western suburbs?

  • +1

    Really enjoyed this when ordering from the original deal. The whole set of gear and food is great.

    • Glad you enjoyed it railspider. Appreciate the support.

  • Ordered with Doodel and delivering today, hope it goes well

    • It left our store not long ago, hope you enjoy the meal.

  • How many people does this serve? Cheers

    • +1

      Hi clownfish, this pack should feed 2-3 people.

      • Awesome thanks.

        Dang orders for today are closed on doodel :(

        • Yeh, they picked up today's orders earlier today. Hope to see your order come through for the next delivery sessions :)

  • Interesting that you give out 2 of the hotpots itself - i wonder, would it not be better to at least offer a pack with double everything but one pot? Assume this is designed for 2-4 people, would a single pot just take toooo long?
    BTW, great job on starting up the biz - you must be doing well, people in the Heathmont facebook page were talking about you!

    • Hi JuryWheel, you are right in assuming that it wold take too long to cook double portions of what we have in our packs, in a single dining session. The pot itself is quite small, we have tested it extensively and found that the amount of food we include in one pack is just about right. We do have other ideas up our sleeve, but mums the word for now.

      Thanks for the kind words, as we are serving from a commercial kitchen with no dine in, we are trying everything we can to get exposure. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of local foot traffic.

  • Intrigued by "pink chinese doughnuts"- what do they look like?

    • They look like normal chinese doughnuts from the outside, but have a fluffy pink center when cut in half.

  • Hi can't seem to order this package through Doodle. Also when I put in my postcode it let's me go through but then it only gives me the option to pick up? Are u only delivering to eastern suburbs now?

    • Hi bcdk, please check your private messages.

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