[PS4] Free Series 2 to 5 Trophies @ Genshin Impact

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Reason: Not a valid bargain.

Massive load of trophies with the latest update of the game for free. Instantly got my trophy level from 338 to 339.

For the daily Genshin players you will be unlocking this automatically as you would of achieved alot of the requirements.

The only ones i haven't unlocked is beating floor 12 abyss (sandshrews too hard) and getting all stars in abyss.

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    Kinda disappointed that they didn't add a platinum trophy with the ps5 release

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      There's a platinum trophy with the PS5 version of the game.

      Edit: might be for the CN version only for now


        Oh nice, I must have missed it. Thank you

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    lmao updates to games are now bargains?

    -a former trophy whore appreciates a massive stack of free / easy trophies more than most.

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      Yeah this has got to be forums at best

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      Yeah this is a new low even for Ozbargain. No bargain listed.

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      Yeah I agree. Just a game update, and it’ll always be free.

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      Can you explain why content thats always been part of a game is a bargain over this where it didn't exist and now an update bought it in?


      So unlocking levels / characters / extra content in a game are also bargains then?

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    Some "returning player" event is on too, anyone who's been out of the game for over 14days can get rewards for them and a current active player by using a friends referral Here

    Here's my referral code if anyone needs one

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    Here's the trophy list with a platinum for the PS5. Pops automatically once you update and open your game.