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[QLD, SA, VIC, WA] 15 Months All-Clubs Access Membership $749 @ Goodlife Health Clubs (New Members Only)


[NEW MEMBERS ONLY] Hey there - earlier this year, I posted an ad about Goodlife memberships being reduced for all-clubs access. Months later, I've had a few emails come through here and there requesting a discount of some sort. I knew that the only way I would make another ad on here in regards to our memberships, was if I had something else to offer that was significant enough. Currently, we are offering our all-club access membership (on a paid in full option) for $749. You get 12 months + 3 months free, so 15 months in total. When you break down the total cost that it would be over a 15 month period, 64 weeks, it comes to $11.70p/w. No joining fees involved.

I do understand that a paid-in-full option is not always feasible. As I've mentioned to anyone having emailed after our cheaper rate expired, we can't match that rate any longer.

If you are still interested, but prefer a month-to-month or weekly debit option, here is what we have on offer (note that it is not cheaper than the rate I previously advertised on here, and that the creation of this ad is primarily for promoting our 15 month PIF):
$0 Admin Fee + 25% off (THIS EXPIRES ON 30/04/2021)
25% off Platinum 18 - $15.74pw
25% off Platinum 12 - $17.24pw
25% off Platinum M2M - $20.99pw

What you need to know:
Cancelling when you're in-term: $245 if there are 6+ months remaining, $195 if there are less than 6 months remaining OR if you have 2 months remaining, pay the remainder (whatever is lesser).
Cancelling when out of term: 30 days notice period (pay for another month, then we close the account).

Please send any queries etc. to my work email: [email protected]. Please send messages to my email rather than through here (it makes it easier for me, particularly if I'm working from home after-hours to ensure no one misses out).

Thanks :)

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  • Can I change to this if I am already on a 12 month contract? 4 months in

  • How much is it after?

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      The platinum membership is 22.99p/w usually, so the minimum spend is 1294.48 over 12 months.

  • Getting people hook, line and most likely sinker.
    No deal.

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      I reckon gyms get 80% of money from people who do not attend the gym but are a member. But, this is not the fault of the gym

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        There's free suspension on the PIFs - if you can't attend, suspend the membership until you're comfortable training again.
        I don't understand the hook, line and sinker comment you've made - I'm genuinely trying to help people save a buck here.

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          The customer service within my local branch is atrocious to say the least.

          • @Damonator84: I'm sorry to hear that. If you have a query about your membership, send me an email and I'll do my best to help. I can't fully access memberships if the member did not sign up at my branch, but I'm happy to help if I can.

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          Trying to help or helping yourself via commission?

          This is not a deal after your last debacle editing pricing and posts after the deal has expired.

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            @Jessie Ryder: Trying to help. I don't care for commission, and Goodlife commission does not work in the sense of: you make a sale, you'll make money from that sale.

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    Make sure they provide a formal PDS, before signing anywhere.

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    OP, 30days notice to cancel even when out of contract?

    Where's all the fine print? The devil is in the detail.

    • I'm not sure why you're frustrated, I have had nothing to do with your membership, as far as I'm aware. As noted in the description, I welcome queries to my email, I explain things as best as possible.
      30 days notice is not uncommon across gyms, and there are members that do change their mind within that period and cancel the notice period. Everyone is different. I hope this helps.

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    OP should mention this link
    Read very carefully and slowly to comprehend what they are signing you up to.

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      To be fair I think most people know what gym contracts are like. At the end of the day as long as the equipment is maintained and the place is clean most people are satisfied.
      Commercial gym franchises like this don't tend to have good staff or trainers, as long as people know that upfront they can be fine as a place to exercise.
      Closing off promotions to existing members is shitty af tho but also expected

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        OP isn't very forthcoming with upfront information, oh yeah "just email and I'll get my commission and the national finance manager will be happy with my sales push", hence why I want to inform other users before they are put in the bottleneck of informational contracts.

    • Damonator84, you have obviously been scorn by them. What was the issue you experienced?

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    I think the rise of gyms like Derrimut, Snap and Anytime fitness really put pressure on the bigger gym chains like Goodlife and Fitness first to get more competitive with pricing and open hours.

    I think the strength and weakness of these kinds of gyms are they are usually in really good locations like Shopping Centres, Melbourne Central etc The issue is VERY high commercial rent costs which makes them non-price competitive

    I mean 750 for 15 months (Which is ~$50 a month) isnt terrible but my local Derrimut is offering 12 month memberships for 200-250 at the moment - sure it is in an industrial area but the gym is massive and imo the equipment is superior or just as good some of the old large chain gyms.

    I just dont know how the big gyms can continue to compete with such high costs - (Bar Fernwood which is pretty niche)

    I used to go to Goodlife (Like 9 years ago) and honestly I dont think i'd ever go back not because the gym is bad if anything the gym is quite good but there simply is better value options out there

    • I'm glad to hear that you've found a gym that works for you :)
      That's essentially what it comes down to.

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    Expensive, my local charges $500 for 13 months, with $39 one off fee and no cancellation fees

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    $15/wk is hella cheap, fatties!
    GoodLife is one of the better gyms around. Been with them for years and have tried most of the others (Snap, Anytime, Go Health (bought out by GoodLife), Fitazfk etc).

    Also, don't kid yourself, you WILL NOT get fit if you convince yourself to "workout at home".

    Source: I'm ripped af.

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      I have to agree, people who say "i will just buy some weights and work out at home" are kidding them selves. Netflix and the couch is way too close to the dumbbells'.

  • Just wondering… why is Goodlife no longer available in Sydney?

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    Before signing up I highly recommend carefully reading their terms. It also appears lots of people have had horrendous experiences with Goodlife also. Here is the ~800 reviews averaging 1.4 stars.

    Buyer beware.

  • Idk why OP is receiving such negative feedback here, $12/week is less than what Anytime Fitness costs and GoodLife have much better facilities.

    One of the GLC's I live between had a pool. If I were to join the local council's pool membership it costs more than this and it only has one location.

    • Thank you :)
      I appreciate the comment. And agreed - my GL branch has an entire wet area (pool, spa, sauna and steam room).

    • Have a look at the history, previous posts with dodgy edits.

  • So is this offer available at any Goodlife club?

    • Correct! :)

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    Good life gyms have really gone down hill. Poor cleaning, (never seem to do a deep clean of change rooms and ventilation. At My local the aircon ducts are covered in dust and have ageing facilities . ) plus they hammer you and try to get you to sign up your mates and give their phone numbers to them by standing at the front door .

    Also to cancel is a whole issue in itself. You can’t just rock up at reception and cancel and give 30 notices after your membership expires. You need to meet with the specific ‘cancelation manager’ for an ‘interview’ and they might not even be there or they’re just ‘unavailable’

    There are a lot of other good gyms out there these days so keep hunting. If you’re in WA Revo is a great option @$9.69pw no lock in

  • I am wondering what would be a monthly fee after 15 months ?