Where Is The Cheapest Place to Get Clear Acrylic/Perspex Sheets?

So bunnings want $70 for a 900x600mm clear sheet of acrylic. I'm not paying that.

Anywhere you can get larger sheets (say 1800mm) for a much better price?


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    I suggest one would need to know where you are located in order to offer any sort of answer of value.

    • Sydney - north or south

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    I heard the internet is a good place to look.

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      Asking on Ozbargain is the first step.

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      yes thanks that's not very helpful.

      The problem is that most of the suppliers won't give you a price, you have to request a quote. I'm looking for recommendations from people who've bought previously

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        Why can’t you send a generic message to all the suppliers on the size and thickness you want and get them to quote you?

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        Using DashCam AKA Rolts' search:

        The first result was Plastic Warehouse - 2440x1220x3mm $137.50.
        The second result was Clark Rubber - 1200x900x3mm $89.95
        The third result was Plastic Wholesale - 2440x1220x3mm $142.99.

        I didn't click on the fourth+ result.

        I doubt you'd get better prices from suppliers without bulk buying. Try the market places to get some 2nd hand ones if quality isn't a factor.

        $20 - 900x 600x5mm
        $84.99ex - 2440x1220x3mm
        $85 - 2440x1220x2mm (free metro delivery)

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          Great list. Well done

          I do have a litle chuckle thinking about the lady on Gumtree ($20) all of a sudden being ozbargained, with messages of "is it still for sale and would you accept….". 🤪

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    Look for any place that cuts acrylic routinely. That's a mighty big sheet though.

  • I prefer satin sheets

  • Have bought from here before: https://www.acrylicsonline.com.au/
    Good prices, large variety, all info listed online.

  • ebay

    although they usually sell smaller pieces, not sure if I had came across anything that is 1800mm in length/width/

  • Make your own.

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