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New Balance 515 Sneakers $29.99 (Up to Mens Size 13 or Womens Size 9) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Platypus


New Balance brings their 515 sneaker so you can throwback to that retro vibe but keep moving forward.

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    I don't need more shoes… I don't need more shoes… I don't need more shoes…. bought one!!!

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      Better buy another shoe, otherwise that's just weird.

  • Don't forget cashback like I just did!

    • $4.50 via Shopback

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        $4.09, just tracked ;)

        • Yep, 15% cashback based on the price less GST, which I always forget to take into account (although I still don't get $4.09).

          • @strangeloops66: 29.99 * 0.15 / 1.1

            • @stefanko: Must have entered a wrong number somewhere. I divided 29,99 by 11, then from that amount I subtracted 29.99, then calculated15% of that amount. - or at least that was my methodology. Now I get the same rounded (to the cent) amount as you.

        • I placed my order yesterday, but it still hasn't tracked. Sigh …

          • @kevindatle: I picked my 515s up from DFO earlier today. They were a bit on a smaller side, so I swapped them for a larger number on the spot. No problem at all. All great :) Also mine tracked within like 1.5-2hrs so likely it might not for you :) sorry :)

    • How do you get cashback?

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    Last time I was in Platypus (a few days ago), all I got was sticker shock. This is just the tonic.

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    Irony before I joined ozbargain I laughed at my friend for owning too many shoes. Now I can open a shoe store

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    Didn't get the 515s cause it went out of stock after I added to cart but found some other shoes for the same price that looked alright, thanks for the heads up. I've needed new shoes for a year or two now

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    Genuine question from a non sneaker expert, are New Balance shoes fashionable again?

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      Yes, but also - wear whatever you find fashionable for yourself :)

    • if you bought the Flux Capacitor last year you will be all right !

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      Honestly as a guy who knows quite a bit about shoes, the hardcore "Sneaker-Heads" are not people to ask. They literally only buy and recommend jordan 1s and yeezys both of which are $250+.

      To answer your question, don't worry too much about them being fashionable. If they match with your clothing, you like the look and are comfortable not too much else matters (unless you're an athlete, that's a whole other situation).

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    My partner 'why can't they be up to men's size nine and women's size 13!' (She has size 13 feet.)

  • Hmmm.. this or the nmd’s??

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    Nice, I have a pair of 999, which you will always slip on a wet surface. Don't wear it on rainy day.

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    Are these any good for running, im 100kgs and mainly jogging, never sprints

  • Most sizes are back in stock after briefly sold out midday.

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    Received mine today. Never tried New Balance before.
    These will likely outlast many other runners just looking at how they're made. More of a solid-feeling sole than many airy running shoes too, if you're into that. This is what I expected. Nice to see a thicker rubber sole than most lightweight runners too: this is the bit that wears out. Very pleased.

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    My size was only online in black. i) Purchased black C&C, ii) went to store and asked if white was available, iii) yes, exchanged….too easy!

    • Have you used it? I got a pair, and it squeaked a lot!

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    Is it 50 dollars now?

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