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40% off Site Wide (Free Shipping for Members) @ Bonds, $5 Bonus Cashback (Min Spend $15) @ ShopBack (Activate via ShopBack App)


Link to shopback challenge

Seems like a decent deal when you stack them all up. Free shipping for members makes the deal even sweeter.

Note: The '$ to go' amount that appears when you start the challenge is the pre GST amount.
• This challenge entitles you to $5 bonus cashback when you spend $15 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, exclusive of delivery & all other fees) at Bonds through ShopBack between 28th April 12.00am AEST and 29th April 2021 11.59pm AEST.
• Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
• Limited to one bonus per customer.
• Available while redemptions last.
• The $5 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at Bonds.
• The $5 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.
• Purchases that do not count towards this challenge are those in which do not meet the store's respective terms and conditions (including but not limited to cancellations, returns, exchanges, using unapproved coupons, purchasing excluded products/categories).
• Cashback will be voided if any fraudulent activities are detected or if any terms and conditions are not met.
• ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice. 

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  • How do you get the $6 sitewide discount?

    • +1

      Got the maths wrong as Bonds prices already reflect 40% off. Post updated.

  • +1

    I don’t see it

    • +1

      Neither do I. Targeted?

  • +1

    40% off site wide, yet it doesn’t apply to more than half the products.

  • Is anybody else finding they need to followup with them when it comes to bonus or promo cashback offers? 😒

    • Only once and was sorted out within a week.

  • -2

    40% off RRP which normally no shops sell goods at RRP price.

  • I'm getting a zippy, thank you dealbot. Redeemable in 100 days, whoa!

  • +1

    Everything I looked at still worked out dearer than Woolworths when they have their regular 1/2 price sale even with free shipping..

    • +2

      So you're saying half price(50% off) is greater than 40%? Hmmmm interesting…

    • If you activated the offer, got 1 pair that's regularly say $30, would come down to $18 with 40% off, then $5 Shopback and an additional $1 back with the 6.2% so $12.
      Seems like less than $15 at half price?

  • +1

    For a few seconds I thought it was "BonUs: $5 Bonus Cashback + 40% off Site Wide" & got really excited.

  • Anyone else getting charged for shipping even they've logged in?

    • +1

      Yeah happened to me too. I fixed it by creating a new account with a new email. Shipping then showed as free on the new account.

  • +3

    Worth noting that CR has 9% cash back.

  • yeah same getting the shipping costs as well not free?

    • Shipping costs seem to disappear when you click through to the check out.

    • Did you proceed through and the shipping disappeared? I'm already at the payment stage and it's still there

  • Seems to be targeted.

  • thanks OP. logging in enabled free shipping

  • Not to be negative but bonds quality took a dive and I stopped buying the brand, will look if there are any bargains however

  • Put 2 orders in about 3 hours ago (about $85 all up), neither seem to have tracked but the promo offer says $13.63 to go on my required spend :/

    • Did you go through the app? Tracking came through after a few hours.

      • Yeah, both times. Usually don't have an issue but neither seemed to track for me

    • Same - ordered some hours ago, also see $13.63 to go.

      • Mine finally tracked overnight. Qualified for the promo so all seems right in the world

        • Yeah same, guess I'll give it more patience next time.

          • @flooressence: Strangely I ordered a couple of pairs of socks for my Toddler today thru Cash Rewards, tracked pretty much instantly

  • Same $13.63 must be a glitch

  • -1

    FYI - ShopBack suffered a data breach very recently. Check if you're affected if you use the same credentials elsewhere.


  • What's the deal with this cashback? Anyone seen any evidence of the $5 bonus?

    • Mine didn't track (using browser) so I had to send a missing cashback request. They didn't reply and just manually added the $5 bonus but they put 0% as the regular cashback :/

    • Got a reply from shopback:

      "As per the challenge bonus, the $5 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at Bonds. The $5 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed."