This was posted 8 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LowePro DroneGuard CS 300 Backpack - $19.95 + Delivery (Free over $100) @ Ted's Camera


You may get a $10 credit by new club membership (I could not get don't know why)
It would be a good option to grab another bargain from Ted's.

LowePro Dryzone BP40L Yellow

I think both normal prices around $150 each.

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  • Dry zone is OOS

    • Yeh, I missed out, would have loved that for the price

  • +3

    I dont have a drone but I bought it regardless.

    PS - Good for fishing lure backpack

  • Thanks, bought for my camera gear. Also I added a cleaning cloth to take it over $20 and used the $10 voucher, thanks again!

    • I registered and didnt get the voucher, how did you get it?

      • Took about 3 min to email through. Then at checkout you put the 6 digit code into the voucher field above gift card fields.

        • Didn’t work for me unfortunately. 6 digit code just wouldn’t take and gave up.

          This was early on before the yellow was oos.

          • +1

            @MorriJ: You needed to have signed up to the Teds site and have clicked Join ClubTed. Then sign up to the newsletter with the same email and be logged in for the 6 digit code to work.

            • @grasspun: I figured as much, it just wouldn't work for me. I did a new sign up, got the email with the code, then setup the password for the account, signed in to teds site, went to checkout at $39, enter the code (there are two code options - one for a giftcard with pin and the other just promo code) - entered the promo code, errored out.

              Gave up, ordered on eBay plus with free shipping.

              Just got an email, they can't supply it and can't get more stock but GENEROUSLY offered to substitute for the CS400 and send it out in 7-14 days.

  • +6

    It’s an eBay plus item, so there is free shipping if you’re eBay plus member

    • Thanks! saved $9 on delivery fee

  • The partitions look like they can be repurposed for camera gear. The quality is very good as expected from this brand (I used to have a larger one for the Phantom 4). Very good price.

  • Almost pulled the trigger on the wetzone but honestly wouldn't use it with my other Lowepro backpack :(

  • Ebay sold out. After going through cart now says "The seller doesn't have that many left." I wanted 1.

    • it said 1 left when i checked out, must of beaten you by seconds

      • It said one left when I put in cart but ebay wanted a phone number on this order so that was a circular motion. But that is funny - how small is the Ozbargain world.

        • +1

          CS400 on TEDS is $19.95 too, i got a $10 voucher for signing up, added a charger, got the bag and charger shipped for $29.95 shipped, i have about 10 drones so i dont mind 2 bags coming

  • +1

    CS400 $19.95 too.

    • Good spotting. That's the one I had for my Phantom 4. They retailed circa $200 back then.

  • +1

    online only $20+$10.

    Looks huge and probably really only for drones, not enough padding/dividers for cameras or other smaller electronics.

  • Not sure if site is being ozbargained. It’s so slow on mobile.

    Signed up.
    $10 voucher.

    Grabbed 2 x CS400 for $39.85 delivered!
    (9.95 delivery)

    Hope it fits my old 5Dmkiii and lenses haha.
    And my future dji mini air 2S when it releases haha

  • CS400 OOS as well

  • Trying to purchase the CS400. 1 in cart, clicked "proceed to checkout", got message "some of the products are out of stock". The price keeps lowering each time I click "proceed to checkout"! Weird. Too bad I can't purchase.

  • Any drone bag recommendations for a DJI Phantom 4?

  • +2

    Successfully got CS300 through eBay. Teds emailed me saying it was OOS and discontinued. Offered to swap to CS400 at the same price. Bit big for my racing drone but will try and make it work!

    (If anyone got the CS300 and wants to swap for a CS400, happy to chat)

    • Same here. That's very nice of them. Seriously do not know how they make money when including shipping.

      • Same offer to me

    • Got the CS400 and its a monster! these RRP for $320 normally, awesome hard case for all my camera gear in seperate dry bags, great deal!

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