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B&G Massage Gun Deep Tissue $34.99 (Was $59.99) Delivered @ B&G Direct via Amazon AU


This massage gun been posted on Ozbargain a few times but always for more than it is now. Click the use Coupon Code.

I'm sure you get what you pay for - I bought one just to test it out.

Previously - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619498 / https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615484#comment-10326676

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • You have linked different products…

  • where is the coupon code to use the price still shows $74.99?

    • There is a checkbox under the price to apply a $40 discount at checkout.

  • anyone here on ozb can recommend this or provide their opinion?

  • I just use the massage attachment on my Dremel

  • decent for 34.99

  • decent price for a sex toy.

  • contemplating on buying this one or
    which has better reviews…

    • +1

      I thought it looked nice and small until they showed someone holding it..

  • I bought this yesterday for $60, is there a way I can get this price? Or am I stuffed.

    • +1

      Email customer service or try cancel/return it

    • +1

      Buy another one and return that one if you can cancel it now.

  • +7

    I bought this one last time it was posted and don't recommend it. 22 levels is way too excessive and makes it annoying to use, it also has an issue where when it encounters resistance (from being pressed onto you) it kind of violently speeds up to above maximum speed for a short period.

    I'm looking to replace it with a better model, you can definitely do better.

    • Yep same thoughts here… Pretty disappointed and tempted to just return it.

    • any suggestions? any idea if the RENPHO is any better?

      ultimately I'm not yet in the market for a Theragun

    • I got this one because it can oscillate slower as opposed to the models with more speed levels, yet going very fast, and because it's USB-C - most of them have a hideous charger that you can't use for anything else.

      I agree re the violent speeding up upon resistance - I'd assume other cheap guns like this one do the same, ie. to prevent you from pushing it too hard and damaging it.

      I'd confidently say you won't find anything better at $35.

      PS. I used it twice and it's now collecting dust.

      • Hahah I linked to your comment in my post, I thought you were recommending it!

        • And I didn't notice, that's funny. I said there:

          IMO most people won't use it often enough and can save $40-$130, like I could have [saved by not buying it].

          I meant there's been some hype around those guns for a while. I'm not using mine as much as I imagined. Maybe if I did more sports or feel more sore in general, I would. But I don't need to for… recreational purposes, just like that.

          I can recommend this particular gun to those who actually need it, at $60-70 ($35 was a no-brainer), over others guns, priced similar.

  • +1

    for $35 i would give it a try