[QLD] A2 Platinum Toddler Formula 3 $17 (Was $35.60) @ Drakes IGA Rochedale South


Drakes IGA in Rochedale South (QLD) are clearing A2 Platinum Toddler Formula 3 at $17. Sorry, not sure if they are clearing other formulas or stages but they have a lot of stock at this price. Short dated MFD 04/07/2019, Use By 02/07/2021.

Bottom of the can and an quick snap of the stock. They had another similar pile further down the aisle.


Could be of use for some. Useful information for others.

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  • Global pandemic, no international tourists or students equals no daigou and plenty of near expired baby formula on clearance on supermarket shelves.

    • inb4 news articles about how milk formula companies going bankrupt because nobody is buying.

      Pikachuface this is a global economy.

      • Have really noticed how much they are discounting since the our baby was born mid 2020. Really had to look out carefully to find a two dollar discount at first. We started off on Bellamys then switched over to Bubs when we saw them on clearance at a Woolies near us. Have stuck to Bubs ever since, as he seems to be quite content on it. Again, had to look hard and drive a fair way just to buy some cans at $2 off, even around the start of this year. Now it seems to be $6 off RRP everywhere.

    • Infant formula has always been this price in Chemist Warehouse where I live and work(Sydney Olympic Park and Sydney CBD). Generally, its the platinum or most expensive formulas that are always out of stock, the rest are always full. This is from 2013, way before the pandemic.

      Clearance is just that old inventory needs to be sold and replaced, nothing special.