Balter Lager - 2 Cases (32 Cans) for $79.80 Delivered @ BoozeBud


Great lager

$56.99 per case at Dans.

If you buy over $100 on first order (or new email address) can also use BESTBUD to save another 10%. $107.73 for 3 cases delivered. Plus shopback 20% cashback at the moment.

STAYSAFE coupon is not listed cashback websites so I assume won't pay the cashback.

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  • They make great beers but man I hate how 16 cans = a case. A case = 24 tinnies or stubbies, or 12 long necks. When did 2/3rd of a case become a case?

    • Yeah pretty rude, pay more get less.
      XPA is good, would make it a little bit worthwhile

    • 24 = a slab
      30 = a case

      Now sure, that might just be the Victorian in me, might be different where you are, but from my point of view, you're charging me for a case and giving me half of one.

      • Only ever heard of 30 cans being called a block or a cube, and I've drank a lot of them.

        • Yep. 30 can is a block and 24 is a slab or carton is how I know it. Maybe we could call the 16 pack a mini carton / slab.

        • Great Northern 30 block lasts a while.. comes a time when you get jacked with exorbitant prices and over fruity beers.
          Nice on occasion or for the first couple.

          • @G-rig: Get a wild headache from GN and can't get rid of a green apple taste I've seemed to only get with GN. Been homebrewing my own so a bit spoilt I guess. Don't feel as guilty when go through a keg or 2 a month either

            • @slimdealin: Yeah it's not my go to, usually go for Goat Enjoyable (that's crept up in price), or maybe Furphy, Boags Premium etc. Nice when 375mL cans for a decent price. Home brew would be the go once you get decent at it and spend a bit of time/money.

              • @G-rig: Yeah, if you go into it thinking you're in it to save money you'll have a bad time. I can make 2 cases (real size) worth of decent beer of the same style for less than the cost of 1 at uncle Dan's or whereever. But I'm in $ with equipment to get that great result every time

                • @slimdealin: No doubt, it should still even out in the long term I would have thought. I can easily go around my mates who's fairly decent at it now, makes an oatmeal stout and choc porter that you'd pay a few bucks for :)

    • It's because a slab of 24 would cost about $90 at RRP, which people turn their nose up at (rightfully so), whereas charging the same price as others but for a smaller case is more palatable at the checkout.

    • Always drink their draught beers at the pub, but refuse to pay a case price for 16 beers.

  • Would have been a much better deal earlier on with the 30% cash back. Plus it stacks with the 15% Amex cash back to.

  • very sharp price before cashbacks and amex. +1.

  • Will echo the earlier comments… 16 isn't a case. I'd rather pay $20 once in a while, and get a 4 pack. Certainly won't be buying a case of 16 anytime soon.

    2 cases for $80… Do many people actually go for these kind of deals?!

  • Don't support 16can slabs - its rubbish

  • Where did you find the code and can it be applied to other types of order? I tried it randomly and it only seemed to provide free delivery.

    • Yes code is just for free delivery. Beer price is current website price.

      • $51.95 a case (16 cans) for me. Two cases come to $103.90, and the using the code STAYSAFE just gives me free shipping. Not sure how you are getting two cases for $79.80???

        • What about when not logged in? I didn't think Boozebud did state based pricing. I'm in Sydney and it's still the same price.

          • @Block: Just logged out and used a NSW address. Price then reduced to $79.80 for two cases. Looks like BoozeBud does have state based pricing?

  • Nothing wrong with 16 cans in a case - if there was 24 it would just be 50% more expensive. It's because it's expensive that they're in 16s, because it's more accessible to be ~$70 for 16 than ~$100 for 24.

    This is a good deal, but it's still equivalent of $60 per 24, because it's a bloody expensive beer.

  • When you have the buying power of a japanese mega-brewery behind you these 16 cases can piss off.

  • $103.90 for me