Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA $12 Per 4-Pack (Normally $18.99) @ Dan Murphy's (Member's Price)


Hazy session IPA (4.6%) from the USA

Also available, Sierra Nevada California IPA:

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


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    If you think about it, it's still $3 a can.

  • 2 gripes with SN

    1. I applied for the Ken's shout free can promotion. Went to several outlets throughout the month. None ever had stock. Emailed Sierra Nevada, and they basically just said they know nothing about it.

    2 . I bought a 6 pack of SN pale ale. Got home and it tasted terrible. Then someone mentioned it's got 'draught style' pale ale written on the can. The cans look identical. Poor form

    So SN won't be getting my coin..

    • Same sentiment, 'draught style' was terrible and expensive.

    • Yep the draught is awful and I agree they need different packaging. I had a good experience with SN when a bottle was defective and they sent me a 6 pack.

    • Need to put in an update / apology.

      Within 2 hrs of emailing Sierra Nevada (Phoenix beers), a rep turned up on my door with a 4 pack of Californian IPA.

      Think he was also worried that I said it was a fake (as I accidentally said '6 pack' as a habit).

      He said a tip is the normal Pale Ale doesn't come in cans, only bottles. But unfortunately it isn't selling, so they are going to pull it. So get in soon if you like it.

      Anyway, great service, needs to be recognised.
      Thanks Sierra Nevada / Phoenix.

  • Most see through Hazy in years

  • Maximum of 3 x 4 packs per transaction when I tested it in SA.

  • Their torpedo IPA is the best. I was in the USA in 2014 and tried it. Bloody brilliant. At US$11 a 12 pack back then, even more so.

    Wild Turkey 101 750ml was about $17 too. The exchange rate was almost dollar for dollar. Amazing I didn't die from alcohol poisoning.

  • Goodwood Cellars in SA have this on special for a 4-pack (11.99) or a carton ($61.99) during May: