Coleman Cabin Gold Series 8 Person Instant Tent $400 @ BCF


Coleman instant 8 Person gold series tent for $400. Just got one this morning, went to BCF and the product was on display, it's pretty big, plenty of room for activities .

As usual, new sign-up get $20 credit , use discounted GC if available to you to sweeten up the deal. Also could use your favourite cashback

Thanks to miguellin737 for the link here in the previous deal.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


  • Plenty of room for activities?!

  • I have the 12 person version of this - don't be fooled, there is nothing 'instant' about it. Allow an hour to put it up and take it down.

    • +1. I have the 6 person version.

      These instant up tents are quick if you don't want to put the fly on - ie. You like people seeing your silhouette and having no protection from the elements or sunlight. Good luck if it rains.

      Otherwise adding the fly will add anther 20 minutes at least by the time you peg it out.

      • Really? I have got the 4P version, the first time was a bit tricky but after that it’s pretty straightforward. Watch couple of YouTube videos on how to put it up and take it down.

      • I have the 4 person. I always put the fly on and really not difficult at all.

        It shouldn't take 20 minutes to throw the fly on top and peg it out.

        I have friends with the 6p ALDI version and it's the same.

        Now, packing up takes longer, obviously. But the setup is very fast compared to a traditional pole tent.

    • I have an 10man instant up tent from ozTrail and it only takes about 15 minutes by myself, including the fly and guy ropes.
      What makes the Coleman so difficult?

      • I have the 10p Northstar. Agree the fly is a lot more time than the frame, but honestly, an hour is just wrong. If it's taking you that long, you're either less than 5 foot, or you're doing something very wrong. It'll take me 20 mins in total by myself, 10 mins with a friend.

        • It doesn't take me an hour, but I always allow that long, just in case something goes wrong - you don't want to be setting up a tent at dusk, and have it get too dark to see before you're finished.

          I also think the larger tent I have, has more poles and stuff so it takes a bit longer than the smaller versions.

          • @Nukkels: Fair enough mate. Smaller tents are definitely quicker, and doing this one would suck without some sort of light source.

            I've owned other non-instant uppers at this size. Let me tell you, they absolutely SUCK to put up and pack away. They'll test every relationship you have, and doing it alone is easily an hour's worth of work 😂

  • 8 people in a tent, probably not a good idea.

  • What’s the quality like of these tents? I’m looking at these and the black wolf ones. Blackwolf just seems sooooo expensive… does that speak to its quality? I also don’t want to take half an hour to setup a family tent.

    • They're terrible quality.

      The gold series squeak in the wind and several reports of them collapsing in light wind. I can see why! The design and locking nuckles are bound to give way with rain and wind!

      Go something from outdoor connection, they're solid tents!

      I went with the Brampton but got the last one and stock is very hard to come by at the moment. These are also never on sale and $749. 5 year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and removable poles, everything is replaceable and the whole thing is put up in 30 minutes in the first time putting it up.

      • The productreview you listed was for a different size tent, 10P not 8P, there's quite a few differences, not just the size.
        I have the 10P tent and am quite happy with it, it's too big but that's not a quality fault, that's a "I shouldn't let my wife buy a tent fault"!!

        • The gold series 4p 6p 8p and 10p, Northstar darkroom in all sizes and these, all use the same parts. From the Chalet to Northstar to overlander each time they rename it the quality gets significantly reduced. The only difference is the pole lengths.

          So it's all very much comparable. It's just the conman quality.

          This is why no matter the product you pick it's all around the 2.8 star out of 5 review.

          Some people do manage to get good units but many are bad. Don't know if some factories are bad and inconsistent or its all the same factory and poor factory hands.

          It's a gamble!

    • it really depends on your budget and how often are you going to use it.
      I have the 10p silver version of Coleman instant up, and the last time we used it it didn't squeak in the wind, nor did it collapse - and it was pretty windy. (2nd week of April this year when it suddenly get cold and windy)
      Yes I felt the tent moved a lot since it is pretty tall, but it was fine.
      The Blackwolf maybe is a lot better quality, but since I only use the tent once/twice a year, the coleman will do fine.
      Looking at the spec, the Blackwolf is also a lot heavier.
      It took me 20~ minutes to set it up, while teaching the kids at the same time.

      • I don't think it's fair to put Black wolf and conman in the same comparison. Ones a $1400-$1800 tent and one is $799 tops.

        Weight wise they're comparable.. around 30kg.

        Blackwolf is also a maximum discount of 20% which is why many places don't stock them anymore besides Aussie disposal and anaconda.

        Blackwolf is notorious for 'corporate greed' retailers make next to no money on them.

  • What's a Tentfor?

  • Bought one thanks

  • $50 a person.
    i think i will just go to a hotel, lol.

  • Hi all. Just recently bought and used the 10 person model (which is really only fits 4-5pp). Was very easy to put up and disassemble at first go probably 20mins. If you're vertically challenged then its an idea to put the fly over the top (in the correct orientation) before the main part is raised. Good tent.