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Omni Desk Standing Desks: $200 off $600 Minimum Spend, Free Delivery @ Omnidesk


I'm looking to get a standing desk and saw that Omni desk have $200 off all desks with min spend of $600.

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  • 900 bucks for a desk. Worth it.

    • There's a $600 model.

      $900 and $1300 modes sound expensive.

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        From an older thread, I understand they use the same Jiecang motorised stand as most others. So you can buy the stand at others for iirc ~$500. Or with this coupon you can pay $700…!

        Jiecang motors are allegedly not even the best motor. Apparently Linak is the better brand. And some others are better at preventing wobble when set high.

        Although omnidesk will give you a longer warranty than other Jiecang sellers.

        And tabletops can be sourced much cheaper than omnidesk's $350+ (albeit freight might be why) so unless you want their ergo edge it's not worth it.

        Omnidesk seems a rip.

        That's all from memory but here's the thread which discusses: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609727

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          Appreciate this info, it's close to what I'm after

          Which is a naked frame. All of these desks are way too deep for what I'm after

  • They seem to offer a 100-DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL, anyone can comment their after sales service ?

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      Excellent. Expect a business day delay on responses but excellent service.

      • You returned it?

        • Nah it's too nice. But they did send out a replacement part.

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    I am interested in why they are so popular vs something like the Ikea Bekant range.


    The "Large" Pro 2020 is 152.4x76cm for $890 with $200 off, the linked Bekant is 160x80cm for $599.

    For full disclosure I have a Bekant @ home and have used different mechanical sit/stand desks at work over the years, I don't really see many people [or anyone really] using them regularly enough based on experience to warrant a profile system instead of just holding the up / down button for 5-10 seconds either way.

    • Probably because been around longer and offer more customizations. I personally feel the Omi is more sturdy on carpet having owned it and checking out the IKEA one but others may disagree and thats fine. It's still a great desk IMO.

    • $599 is not eligible for dollars off

  • We have 2 sit/stand Omni Desks and extremely happy. Bought during prior promos but yes still darn expensive. Way better than the most of the crap on ebay/ikea though. I had planned to get separate components and DIY but got lazy. Don't regret it though, very sturdy.

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      Placebo effect dude. Omnidesk seems to have the same Jiecang motor as others. Ikea uses Linak which is actually supposed to be better.

      • Disagree, that more to consider too. My IKEA remark i should clarify was for their prior offering, they came out with a new one since which i agree is a worthy option. I checked it out and ultimately went with a second Omnidesk as it felt a bit more sturdy (we are using on carpet), i liked the finish better, wanted the larger 180cm size to suite my combined work/personal use. But its all highly subjective reasoning. I'd have no concern using the new IKEA one on a solid floor for a home office.

  • I got the popular sit stand frame on OzB last year paired with a bunnings top. It's been faultless. Couldn't see how I'd see much more benefit had I gone with the Omni. I guess time will tell but it was half the price.

  • Once you go $700+ you should compare with Ikea Idasen. I have this for more than a year now and it is amazing. Quite large and sturdy. I have 2 x 43" monitors on it and it can effortlessly raise them. Add Ikea's legendary 10 year warranty its a no brainer.


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      2 x 43"!!! Wow

      • Mooar 😂

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    I got a 250 dollar artiss desk from kogan, haven't had an issue.

    • Agreed, same here - it is just a desk

  • This is actually a meh offer when you consider other offers in the past year: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/theomnidesk.com.au

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