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[PC] Free - World of Warships Exclusive Starter Pack (Was $34) @ Epic Games


Can be added to your account without the base game (F2P) though it is required to play.

Take the helm of the legendary battleship Dreadnought or Charleston — a sturdy cruiser with impressive firepower! Also includes a week of Premium Account for maximum comfort.

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  • I don't even have the base game, but I'll add this to my account.

  • Base game is also free. Thanks OP

  • I played Wows for years, the carrier rework really killed my enjoyment though. I didn't mind the old RTS game play and it wasn't as toxic to play against.
    BTW our nearest server is in Singapore so be ready for ping

    • I would recommend the US sever. I'm not sure what Wargaming does, but I only get 170ping to it which is less than I do to the Singapore server. You're also less likely to get torped by an ally. ;)

      • I get 70 to Asia, 110 to US, and 180 to EU. Got close to 60% w/r a couple of times on EU so I guess ping isn't a deal breaker.

        Oddly enough somebody who lives in my town gets consistently better ping than me by almost 20ms for some reason. Maybe it's just my VDSL2 or something

  • This or Jayz2cents offer? I think you get a better ship or something? never played the game

  • how do you add this to your "old " account

  • I made the same comment in the last free deal on Steam but as a warning to new players, I think it might be worth repeating:

    Always good to get stuff for free but I should warn, as a long time World of Warships player, the monetisation is scummy, all the items in the pack are exorbitantly overpriced (if you buy Dreadnought, its $20, or just Charleston, its $12.51 and 7 days of premium time is $7) and premium time is handed out for free regularly. The ships are average to poor, have no way to defend against aircraft, which, due to recent balancing decisions, means that you, along with all other players on each team are at the mercy of two to four players, and these players entirely able to dictate how much fun you have. All of this on top of the cherry that is tier 3: very few people play low tiers now.

    The game has largely taken a turn for the worse with very blatantly imbalanced ships/classes and the most recent patch only exasperating the issues.

    And as an addition from my last comment 4 months ago: the developers have butchered a number of ships, including premium ones, by fundamentally changing how skills work, which has resulted in a very un-fun meta. Additionally, the new way new ships are distributed means long time players will entirely skip the starting ships (hence very few playing low tiers). Oh and that new way is RNG lootboxes. Fun.

    Finally, the developers seem to have taken a route where they transparently add an extremely overpowered ship, wait for people to want it, buy it and then nerf it some time later.

    If you pick up the game and enjoy it, more power to you. I would just recommend due diligence before taking this as a sign of the developers generosity.

  • I've played both this game and Warthunder and I just can't get over the ridiculous grind that they have. Even with the purchase of premium ships and vehicles for both, I couldn't progress at an acceptable rate. To this games credit, it's better than WT at progression but it's still unnacceptable. Also, pricing of Premium ships is ridiculous. The only way I managed to afford it was by paying with discounted optus pre paid sims.

  • i''ve been playing the game quite a bit, #someguyjumping is right, seems that as you buy a premium ship, it will get nerfed soon after. the aircraft carriers are a pain (bcoz a few new ones have aircraft with impossible armour (FDR) and you just can't shoot them down. yes it's a premium ship that will be nerfed once they made a whole lot of money off it.

    early tiers (levels) are now mostly against bots bcoz many buy premium ships and end up in high tier games hiding behind islands or getting citadel'd within a few minutes sailing broadside to 12 cannons lol.. as i said, i really enjoy the game mostly when i don't have aircraft carriers to deal with. it's quite rewarding when you're on streak and release the kraken achievement :D i'd say give it a go, just be aware of the monitization model.

  • Tried a few upgrades that "COST" too much, still stick to Navy Field the game that you don't have to pay to take the advantage, beside it's 2.5D game much better than this.