Garage Doors and Motor - What to Get?


I'm looking to get a single door garage installed. There's a bunch of manufacturers. Anyone know what to look for? Is there a top one or best value?



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    Is there a top one or best value?

    What every OzBargainer seeks :)

  • I'm looking to get a single door garage installed.

    Just the door or the complete garage?

    • sorry, just door

      • All G.

        I like B and D sectional doors and their door lifters. Roller doors to me look very 80's.

        They probably aren't the cheapest but they are well built in my experience.

        Garage doors are like toilet paper and cling wrap. You get what you pay for and I don't think it's worth going cheap.

  • Just wanted to share that I replaced a 10 year old garage motor with a DIY chamberlain from Bunnings. That was 5 years ago and it's still working exactly the way it should.

    That being said, the only reason the original garage motor needed replacement instead of just a repair was because I could no longer get the replacement receiver module for it. Mechanically, it was still sound, although I had already replaced the plastic parts in it a couple of years prior.

  • There are several factors which will determine whether you can fit a sectional, panel, or roller door. So you need to determine that first. Fully installed (quality) roller door will run you about $1,700-$1,800

  • I got a Steel-Line Roller door with a RD11 motor. Motor gave out after about 12 months but was promptly replaced (apparently a bad batch came through) and haven't had an issue since (~3yrs).

    Total Cost was about $1000 incl an override key.

  • Look for a motor with a long warranty.

    Within the past 7 years and in couple of houses I've had 6 garage doors (sectional and roller) installed by Eco Garage Doors. No problems with the doors or the motors.