[QLD] Wings $0.01 (Drink Purchase Required, 10 Wings Per Drink) @ BEERHAÜS (Bowen Hills)



1 CENT WINGS* are available all day, until 7pm at BEERHAÜS, every Thursday!

That MUST be the cheapest wing on the market!

*10 wings available per drink order! It's that simple!

*Available with a drink purchase.

BEERHAÜS practices the responsible service of alcohol. Drink responsibly.

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  • effectively it's 10 free wings per drink
    maybe if you upped it to 20 it might be more appealing - that's just my opinion

    • That makes it $4.10 for a softdrink and 10 wings.

      Depending what you're after, the BurritoBar does 25c wings (unlimited) with a drink purchase. ($3.50 for a can).
      40 wings + a drink is $13.50
      Equivalent on this deal would be $16.40

      But if you wanted less, then the gap narrows.
      20 Wings @ BurritoBar would be $8.50
      Where this deal is $8.20 (and you get two drinks, not 1)

      Depends how many wings you eat, and if it's a snack or a meal.

  • why bowen hills only?

  • Ends at 7pm? Thanks - but no thanks

  • Be a vegan

    • And let the foxes\snakes eat my chickens (4 chickens on 5 acres, no-door raised sleeping area) purely because I refuse to eat their eggs (or have to 'waste' them)?
      [for the uninformed, slightly rotten eggs attract predators, because they know there are birds nearby]

      No thanks. Sounds cruel.