Is It Possible to Copy over The Contents of One Website to Another?

I have had one domain name with ventraIP hosting for a while now lets call it

We recently changed out business and registered a domain DEF Pty Ltd.

Is it possible to copy over basically the entire contents of the first website onto the second and then make changes to the words and swap over the logo image etc.

Is this a difficult process?


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    How about just using domain forwarding? Will save you a big hassle of creating a backup and then restoring.

    You can make changes to the content on your current website then.

    • different businesses

      • Sorry. I misunderstood.

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    If it's with the same host just ask technical support to duplicate the site on the new domain.

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    simple answer is yes.

    best process may be determined by how your page was built? was it a wordpress site or other?

    if wordpress theres multiple backup and restore plugins that will do this easy.

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      i dont think its with word press but im not 100% sure. I think it was done using coding or something

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        using coding or something


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          LOL bruh this isn't my area of expertise haha

          When i go into Cpanel and go to file manager i can see the info in public.html i think?

          • @bigballerbrand: That's it. Look for index.html or index.php. Select it. Click delete. Done. Too easy.

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              @MS Paint: Horrible idea. Your website won't work properly if you delete that!

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              @MS Paint: [Shift] + [Delete] works best.

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    Not enough information to come up with an answer for you. Sorry.

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    Get your Web admin to come here and tell us what tech you were using.

  • Edit: I re-read your post. Seems you wanna duplicate the website for newBusiness, to save you some work.

    I'm gonna assume you have a Wordpress website with VentraIP. You can just duplicate it, and point the at it. Phone them up for help if you need.

    • I don't know if its wordpress or not. I dont think it is. how can i tell how it was built. when i am in cpanel i go to file manager and then i can see public.html and a bunch of folders etc

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        If it is a WordPress site inside the folder public_html root directory will be a bunch of files starting with wp-xxxxx.php

        If you link your website here I will be able to tell you.

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          Thanks for the PM.

          It's created using bootstrap.

          A newbie web developer could very easily duplicate the site and make the basic logo and text changes. Given the site is just one page it will be less than 2 hours work.

          Some developer on airtasker will probably do it for $100.

  • If you have WordPress, perform a backup and to migrate it over. If you need help send a PM, happy to point you in te riht direction.

    That said, you may have an impact on SEO if you have invested in SEO efforts e.g. backlinking.

    Otherwise why not make a new website and keep existing one for web traffic?

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    To see if a Content Management System such as Wordpress or Drupal was used, you can simply enter the URL into

    Based on your knowledge, I would just pay someone to have a quick look at the website (using Airtasker etc) with your login credentials as a first step and then quote you for the changes you desire. And make sure you actually have a useable logo (from small businesses I've nearly always been given low resolution jpgs on coloured backgrounds).

    For we all know, you're running a custom eCommerce platform from 1999.

  • How are the two companies linked? Are they competitors or subsidiaries etc?

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    All depends who owns the source code of your present website

  • I've used Webzip in the past, dont know if it still exists.. put in a URL and it downloads it for "offline" surfing….

  • VentraIP usually offer to copy it for you.

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      Yes, if the new site is on VentraIP as well, they can do the transfer for free: Let Us Move Your Website. After that you will need to make the changes specific for the new site. Other hosting companies might offer the same.

  • Simple, no matter how it’s built. It’s just a bunch of files in some folders and possibly a database (also just a bunch of files) that needs to be copied.

    If you’re staying with the same hosting provider then you won’t have any compatibility issues when running the copied site. You will just have to adjust the context it to your new business.

    If you change hosting providers just check all the software component versions to be sure the new hosting provider supports it before moving or you may end up with a headache.

    I do this for a living. It would be an hour’s work to copy and double check it in a typical case of a small business with one web site and one database.

    • Thanks for the info. Can you open your messages or send me a message. Thanks.

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    Before you do anything, login to the back end and back up a couple of times and also download a copy to your PC.

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