How to Find out about Crime in Areas Thinking of Moving to

Had some excellent info recently when I asked about buying Display home….

So I'm in the market for new home and looking at possibly changing areas due to $$$$

I've done some googling and found a few webpages with some crime figures and some generic in shires - but nothing recent on actual suburbs.

Any good links? or anyone got any ideas on other ways to find out about how safe an area is?



    • too obvious, dunno why google didnt come up with that for me.
      thanks :)

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    Join community Facebook pages of the various areas you're thinking of moving to and watch the posts for a few months.

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      Every one of them will have:

      "what's the helicopter doing?"
      "did anyone hear that bang?"
      "When is bulk rubbish collection?"
      "Recommend a local GP"
      "What's this plant?"

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        Can confirm. Just joined my local one last week. Have already seen all of these except "What's this plant?". I have seen "What's this spider?" though.

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          What about posting a photo of a snake and asking "guess what I found in my backyard"?

  • What areas are you looking at? I'm sure some on here have an opinion…

  • Best way is to scout the areas out at night. Wear a mask for public safety.

  • When I was thinking about buying in Redfern I went o the police station and asked a few questions. Also asked the neighbours.

    Quote "All the meth heads go down the street parallel to yours. You'll be fine" lol

  • +1 is pretty good, these are opinions though. So usually, it's good for identifying possible issues and then you can have questions to ask real people (potential neighbours, real estate etc) to clarify.

  • Check papers and TV. Where else do most Austrians get their information from?

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      The mountain buglers?

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    Best way is to drive around the streets and see if there's any VT commodores with blacked out bonnets parked with 2 wheels on the verge.

    Usually guaranteed sign.

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      Or solar garden lights out the front. If they have them - good sign. If they don't, they've likely been stolen

      This rule doesn't apply if the house has solar garden lights and a VT Commo out the front - those are the people stealing everyone else's lights

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    One of the best ways is to walk into your local police station and head into the main restricted area, there you will find a large detailed map of the suburb/ area that is covered/ policed by the local cops and for every call out/ repeat call out they put a red pin on the actual address attended to eg for DV, Assaults, etc. For my area I saw pockets of red pins, which related to either rental or housing commission properties….

  • Go to the local shops, independent bottle shops and convenience stores will be the best - often they have a 'wall of shame'. Anyhow strike up a friendly conversation and ask them. Often you'll find there could be a methadone clinic with relapsing addicts orbiting it - or don't be surprised to find out how many clandestine brothels there are - in an ostensibly genteel area.

    Does the local park have fireflies at nightime? Well that's some of the locals partaking in ice. Then ask yourself the question - how are they funding this habit? What I'm trying to say is be observant. I certainly wouldn't buy a house without knowing what goes on in the wee hours.

    Also as suggested above, go talk to the local police telling them you are considering buying a home - police just live for protecting property - it's a core function of their job. Also if you're going to be investing in the area - whoops they're almost getting wood - if you can't afford a house they'll just treat you like any other pleb.

    • often they have a 'wall of shame'

      If you go to the local shops and multiple ones have a wall of shame then yikes, you wanna go in the other direction.


    this website has reviews of different areas