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OUTRAK Novelty Balaclava $15.99 Click & Collect (Was $19.99) @ BCF


20% off the OUTRAK Novelty Balaclava
Good for fishing, and good for blokes.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Uhh, what

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    How quickly can you recover the money spent? ;)

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    Too many branch closures these days.

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    this must be that one way to get rich banks dont want you to know about…

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    • came 2 post this ^^

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    powerfish! lol

    Get the dogs! bust ups everywhere!

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    Bought 10 for next WA lockdown, thx OP

    • Can I buy one from you? Perth store now showing out of stock..

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        they got robbed!

      • You are welcome to join my heist

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    I use these for shopping quite a bit.

    I find it helps me get the best bargains.

    • Works great on the elderly too!

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    Since I got this item I can’t keep the blokes off. It’s great for the brothel and helps keep you from doing yourself a mischief. If you’re into blokes and appreciate a good thrashing, this is the gear for you.

    Full on comments in BCF's link 🤣

    • So good 😂

    • "appreciate a good thrashing," 😂😂

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    best investment purchase ever if you know how to use it right

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    Frequently bought together with chloroform & masking tape

  • Is this Mr cruel?

  • That’s what I need to rob then bank! Thanks so much!

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    Turn $15.99 into $5000 with this one easy step

  • Saw the post and just remembered .. The Ultimate Warrior..

  • Good timing, I need a new car…

  • lol now Ive nearly seen it all :o

  • Going to catch some flatties with this on.

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    It pays for itself.

  • Why does this look like my cuck mask?

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      Your wife said you should get this one as well.

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    Tisim lol

  • OMG What the!!!!??? Halloween costume?

  • good for hauling in some 3m flatties

  • Some sort of Glory Hole mask ? :S

  • Good deal for Nacho Libre

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    Came for comments. Leaving satisfied

  • Good stuff, can use this in case she is ugly

  • It comes with a free crowbar too
    (8o) J

    • Only AFTER putting the balaclava on.

      If you try and redeem anything prior to wearing, then it's only considered a voucher for a free holiday in Junee

  • Glory hole edition.

  • Next deal. Gimp outfit.

  • Check the reviews! Powerfish, the bloke himself, left a photo and review on the BCF site for this magnificent piece of menswear.

    Get it up ya. Gold.

    Tweed Heads
    Review 1Votes 11
    ☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. · a month ago
    Any bloke’s dream
    I love this balaclava. As the 3 metery flatty word record holder, it helps keep me in the game.

    What attracted you to shopping with BCF? BCF had my world-renowned outfit in stock
    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  • Great for those chilly mornings while you're liberating people of their personal wealth.