Help with a Traffic Fine - (i) Crossing over a Solid White Line and (ii) Driving on The Wrong Side of The Road

So… I received an on the spot traffic fine yesterday. I was waiting at a level crossing and decided to cut down the street to the side of the railway track. I crossed onto the other side of the road and turned right (there was no traffic as all cars were stopped for the train).

Sure enough I hear sirens behind me. The officer was pretty pissed but I didn’t think it was worth arguing the point (I figure it rarely is). However I was a bit cross when he issued me with 2 separate infringements, each one $330 and 3 demerit points - the notices were for (i) crossing over a solid white line and (ii) driving on the wrong side of the road.

I wonder, is it fair to write someone up with multiple infringement notices for the same incident? This seems to me to be quite excessive. I was considering appealing against it.

And I also wonder, if I was to go to the magistrates court over it, do these things get resolved by fines Victoria prior to going to court? I.e. they might waive it if they can’t be bothered going to court.

Has anyone got experience with these sort of things? Is it worth fighting?


          • @pegaxs:

            3 month good behaviour bond

            What does that entail?

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      finally some helpful advice. kudos to you!

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    oof imagine what things you couldve bought with that $660 :D

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      I signed in just so I could up vote your comment 🤣🤣🤣

      • I vote every now and then and there is less paperwork than with Postal Voting. :+)

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        Why were you logged out?

    • It'll be so much more than $660…. he now gets to pay more for his CTP, his rego, his comprehensive insurance (assuming he has this)… might end up paying more for a licence renewal as well, depending on your location.

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    I hate this habit of doing this in Vic. Driving down the wrong side of the road over the white line is dangerous. Just wait a few minutes FFS.

  • Learn from it and pay the fine.

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    If you were to be drunk, speed, and drive on the wrong side of the road which one would you like them to fine you on?
    You crossed a solid line which is one fine, you could've been doing a u-turn or entering a driveway, both of which are illegal.
    You drove on the wrong side of the road with a solid line. No matter how how far you drove or how many other cars were coming you drove on the incorrect lane and side of the road.

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    I don't get it. You broke two laws? Why would you think you should only be penalised for one?

    Please take it to court so the judge can laugh at you.

    • I agree, take it to court for the lulz.

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    Perfectly normal. If you are speeding through a red light, you'll get slapped with speeding and red light infringement.

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    OzBargain approved both fines. Proceed to pay.

  • Enjoy taking the bus…

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      If I were the officer, I would have thrown in dangerous driving.

      If you were an officer, you would be aware that you cannot throw in random charges that are not backed by law.

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    the notices were for (i) crossing over a solid white line and (ii) driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Sounds like you did cross the solid white line and you should be getting the (i) fine.

    However, if you're driving and you cross the solid white line, isn't it a given that you're on the wrong side of the road?

    So the part I don't get is why you've got two fines for that same offence. I would think that you'd get one or the other and not both.

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      don't enable.

    • No. You could cross the line perpendicularly without travelling on the wrong side of the road.

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        But if you were crossing the line perpendicular to enter or leave the road, it wouldn't be an offence to start with.

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    Hold on a sec, slightly confused here…but reading through it all, I assume everyone is talking about double solid white lines.

    Obligatory diagrams & maps request~ Which would help clarify a few things.

    Single solid white lines can be crossed under certain circumstances. Namely entering / leaving the road or parking. Right….?
    Vicroads & Sydney

    Anyways, even if it were a single solid line, driving on the wrong side is illegal.

    And crossing the line (if it were a single) wasn't done to immediately enter / leave the road.

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      I'm guessing that he was in line at traffic and crossed onto the wrong side of the road and drove some distance to turn into a street which was ahead. If it was simply turning directly over the line then it wouldn't have been illegal (unless otherwise signed).

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        Yeah that's what I assumed as well, that the OP drove a distance down the road in order to make the right turn.

        Just everyone saying solid, without saying single or double, was confusing me and then some…

        • That’s funny, because the information on the VicRoads website is at odd with their legislation…

          It says on the site that double continuous lines means you can’t cross them at all, not even to enter or leave the road.

          You are not allowed cross over these lines for any reason, unless you have to avoid an obstruction* and it is safe to do so.
          You can't overtake, turn, or enter or leave the road across double lines

          But in the Victorian Road Rules (134 (3) (a)) it says;

          (3) If the dividing line is a single continuous or broken dividing line, or a broken dividing line to the left or right of a single continuous dividing line, or 2 parallel broken dividing lines, the driver may drive to the right of the dividing line—
          (a) to enter or leave the road;

          In the road rules dictionary, it defines a centre line as a single or double continuous parallel lines. I cannot find anything in the actual legislation for Victoria that says double continuous lines are to be treated differently to single continuous lines with respect to entering or leaving the road…

          • @pegaxs: Interesting.

            134(3)(a) refers to 2 parallel broken dividing lines though, and not 2 continuous lines.

            Funny enough example 8 further down does say crossing two continuous is not permitted…for overtaking atleast


            …I should sleep instead of reading road rules…

            • @Gnilgorf: I think I found the reference in road rule 132 “notes” where it says;

              • in the case of a dividing line that is 2 parallel continuous dividing lines, a driver may only drive to the right of such a line in the circumstances set out in rule 139(2) (as supplemented by rule 139(3)).

              ie; only to avoid and obstruction…

              That is some buried shit right there… Nice work Victoria.

              Turns out it is the NSW information that is wrong, as this same note exists in the NSW legislation, but their information page you posted earlier says;

              You can cross double unbroken lines to enter or leave the road by the shortest route.

              Which, according to that “note” in 132, forbids it. Good one NSW. Seems Vic was right and NSW gets it wrong???

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    Cops looking for blood and they got it today onto ya.

    Be careful next time.

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    Hate these type of posts where there are no diagrams or the OP just smoke bombs

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      It's because he's not hearing what he wants to hear.

  • Consider this.

    If there had been no white line, would you still have been pulled over for what you did?

    If yes, then you've got no chance to fight it. The fact there was a solid white line is a separate issue, and comes with a separate infringement.

    Had you been speeding and copped a third fine, would you have argued that was excessive as well?

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      If the line wasn't there then he was just overtaking. As long as he indicated correctly and didn't speed then it would be legal I assume.

      • Not really overtaking if he never got back into his lane? I understood OP moved into the right lane to travel down the road, passed the cars waiting for the train, and then made a right turn from the right lane.

        Whether that is legal or not, I have no idea. But that's what OP needs to find out to know whether they've double counted or not.

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    Last week, I broke into a house, murdered the owner, then burnt the house down. When the police caught me, they charged me with breaking-&-entering, murder, AND arson! Is it really fair they've charged me three times for the same incident?? Police are so unprofessional, loading up charges is such a crap tactic…

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      Yeah round of applause for going to extremes. Bravo to your mental prowess.

      The point is, in this circumstance and offence, the one penalty notice would suffice in attempts to modify behaviour.

      SEINS by very nature is for non serious matters.

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    1) Do the crime
    2) Feel a bit miffed
    3) Whinge about it on OzBargain
    4) Don't hear anyone supporting your flimsy case
    5) Pay the fine.

    Next time you can cut out steps 2, 3 and 4 and not waste everyone's time

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      You forgot;

      4.3) Argue with everyone who doesn't support the confirmation bias you came looking for
      4.6) Ghost everyone and/or DisabledUser50463

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        Sounds like fox/sky news ;-)

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    1. You're in vic, capital of quota chasing bloodsuckers.
    2. If you're gonna do what you did scan all your surroundings thrice for potential cops then make a calculated decision. Dont just act on impulse. Stopped at level crossing with no incoming traffic and clear sight, is minimal safety risk. But is bingo for quota chasers and their nanny state rulers.

    Otherwise it's tough nuts walking back the fines you got.

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    In what way did the policeman express his 'being pissed'?

    Did he swear?
    Did he swear at you?
    Did he yell at you?
    Did he call you names?
    Did he berate you in front of small children?
    Did he move close to you as to intimidate you?
    Did he throw the infringement notice at you?
    Did he write forcefully with his pen?
    Did he not say please and thank-you?

    Or, did he inform you what laws you broke and perhaps why it is dangerous, in a firm manner?

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        You don't want to be informed what the law is? It might help you not getting fined and losing points. It might also save other road users lives (or save your own).

        Quite frankly you ought to thank the officer for taking the time to educate you; or…. you are entitled and prefer to remain a danger to others, yourself, and an ignorant fk.

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    I see smartarses like you do this stuff on the road pretty often, thinking you are above everyone else in the traffic. I am glad one of you finally got what they deserved.

    Ever thought if the person in front of you had the same genius and smart idea as yours and started doing it at the same time?

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    What a sense of entitlement that you should be able to do the wrong thing and not suffer the consequences.

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    I fully expect to get flamed for this on here, but i didn't realise 'driving on the 'wrong' side of the road' was illegal… I thought it could be illegal if it constituted dangerous driving or something similar. Obviously if OP drove on the opposite side directly into the junction, then I understand it. But I assume OP crossed the white line to get into a 'turn right' lane further up or something.

    • It isnt illegal to drive on the wrong side of the road if you do it correctly as per the road rules. There is a time and a place to drive on the opposite side of the road and this is marked out in the road rules.

      Read from about road rule 130 to about 150ish. That covers most of the where and when you can do it.

      • Yeah this is what I would have expected. So surely there isn't a ticket for 'driving on the wrong side of the road'. It would be something far more specific…

        • That’s why I have asked earlier in the thread for OP to post the relevant codes from their tickets. If they have pinged them for wrong side of the road, it must have been for some other reason, such as there was an oncoming car or something else at play,

          Until OP posts the infringement codes from their tickets, it’s only guesswork.

  • It appears you committed both offences. Time to be accountable and just pay the fine.

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    in WA people now feel entitled to do what they like on the roads - overtaking on a solid line meant you were guilty of everything that followed…..

    • Definitely an increase in DH drivers in Perth who seem to think they can choose which of the road rules apply to them.

  • I did the exact same thing a couple years ago in NSW but only got the one fine for crossing unbroken lines. Didn't even realise I could of got done for the other offence but makes sense. I shall stop wishing bad karma on him, seems to have done me a favour

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    Why would anyone think there was a two for one bargain on traffic infringements?

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    The other day I was following a slightly early model wagon and getting frustrated behind it as oddly it was doing the speed limit. Then I'm at the lights and spot a young lady in a nice Merc convert. Lights turn green and she's off driving with her phone in her hand and weaving to pass a car going at pace with little room between other cars. My wagon guy suddenly takes off. Here we go I thought. There's going to be like a race through traffic. Instead. Bang sirens go off in the unmarked wagon.

    • We will probably see here here complaining about being pinged for breaking the law.

      Pretty much cause and effect here: Break the law>Get caught>Sook on OzBargain to people who think you are a knob.

      Oh, I have my flame-suit on for people here who will say that she was only pinged as a revenue-raising effort……..

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    I've got a lot of choice words to describe people like you endangering others.

    Pay the fine and learn not to do it again.
    There's no need to rush just to save a few minutes.

  • This is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists who are not expecting a car driving on the wrong side of the road for no reason. Consider other road users next time. Fines totally justified.

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    mspaint and google maps please

  • No oncoming traffic = revenue raising. That’s how the govt works though, so no getting off.

  • Rule 134 Victorian ROAD SAFETY ROAD RULES 2017 example 3 states that:
    “Driving across a single continuous dividing line is permitted to enter or leave the road”

    From your my reading you should be allowed. How far did you drive on the opposite side of the road?

  • Speeding through red light? Two offences right?

  • If you think you should only be pinged for one thing, why stop at just breaking 2 rules. Should have steered with your feet, both hands on your phone and drift around the corner.

  • No they won't 'waive it because they can't be bothered going to court' - your file is simply handed over to police prosecution by the expiation unit and if you plead guilty in court not only will you pay a fine but there are court fees, prosecution fees and compulsory victims of crime levies on each charge.

    Just pay the fines and move on with your life.

  • Whether its slightly speeding on a quiet twisty road in the hills in a sports car. Doing an illigal U-Turn in the middle of the night with no one around. Planting your foot down when the lights turn green. Undertaking. Speeding up to get through an amber light when you could have braked safely. Or crossing the lines a couple if metres earlier to get into the turning lane you need to be in.

    You took the gamble, you got caught. Acknowledge it and move on. If you don't want to risk copping another, don't do it again.

  • Yes you can be given multiple infringement notices of the same event. Think of it this way, will you get two infringement notices if you sped and also ran a red light or just one? If one, which one?

  • Another impatient driver who thinks the world revolves around them.

  • Needs the customary mspaint diagram..

  • I'm curious….. what road/level crossing was it? i wanna google map to have a gander

  • I cant see how they are the same incident….

    crossing a line is 1
    driving wrong side of road 2

  • You infringed on two actions, you therefore get two fines, one for each action. Not a lawyer but would assume law in general is pretty straightforward.

    I'm really curious as to why you'd try to gain sympathy and question the validity of your fines here instead of taking it on the chin?