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Sonos Five $599 Delivered @ Sonos


Amazing sound for its size! Same price at JB and Good Guys

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    • Worth every cent. Keep in mind you don't need an amplifier or speaker cables. I installed 4 of these in a large gym with very high ceilings. Setup in a front/rear stereo pair. The sound is amazing and fills the space beautifully. Could not have done it cheaper with PA speakers or hifi speakers cabled to an amp/receiver. Plus, they support every streaming service under the sun.

  • Is this worth an upgrade from the Gen 2 Play:5?

  • I wonder if it can be combined with 30% off upgrade offer.

  • I have one of these. I’ve never been able to test it at full volume as the neighbours will complain.
    Worth every cent these speakers

    • I have 2 of these stereo paired and I accidentally maxed the volume due to applewatch controls, it was scary loud. Anyway, great in pairs for soundstage.

      • Agreed, even at max volume there is zero distortion. And the soundstage is very impressive. Stereo effect even when separated 10m+ has no delay/echo/reverb whatsoever. If you're considering using these in a hall or large space you won't be disappointed.

  • The app has some problems, and when you buy a Sonos speaker you are buying into a naggy, telemetry-ridden eco-system that aims to "on-board" you and keep you connected to Sonos.com.

    Want to access your recently played songs? You'll need to log in to Sonos to do that, the app can't do it!

    Want to adjust the volume limiter to avoid accidental loud volume? Can't do it without logging in to Sonos!

    They do allow you to adjust the speaker volume without logging in. Yay!

    The app buries EQ controls in the settings menu, so you can't quickly access bass or treble from the play screen like you'd expect. If you like to adjust EQ depending on the source, it's a major pain in the arse. There's numerous posts on Sonos forums asking for quicker access to EQ, but Sonos ignores those requests because Sonos has decided that you don't need easy access to bass and treble.

    You can't set these speakers up without sharing your exact GPS location. You can't choose "Australia" or "NSW", you must share your GPS position or else the speaker can't be used. But don't worry, Sonos has a "privacy policy", yay!

    Source: Me, I own 2 play 5's in stereo pair.

    • Any alternatives you'd recommend?

      • Alternatives are out there, and one day I will try them out. For now I make do with Sonos speakers, but just wrote the post so people know what they're getting into.

        Some audiophiles mention that while the Play 5's sound good, they can sound too bright or "forward". Others have commented on the vocals sounding muffled. I'm not sure about the vocals comment, but I can understand the remark about "too bright", it's why I need one-click access to EQ. I'm happy with the sound apart from the observation that they could be better or more chilled out when compared with speakers housed in wooden enclosures instead of plastic.

        The other unfortunate detail about the app, is that an update last year removed the labels from the row of buttons at bottom of app. "Search" and "settings" are obvious, but the others are not. Sonos expects you to remember what the icons mean after they removed the labels from the buttons — IKEA instructions style. Great. No user option to keep the labels, just "no more labels for you". I find the pursuit of minimal interfaces obnoxious when the goal is only "less" at the expense of "useful".

        There's good things about the speakers too, obviously. Enough that I won't sell them just yet.

    • I was looking for a reason not to buy these, and you have provided them.


    • Don’t forget that as the speakers age, Sonos will stop providing software updates. They’ve done this for most of their gen 1 speakers.

      I own a Playbase (already discontinued), a Play:1 (discontinued & no updates), 2x Sonos 1s, 2x Play:5s gen 2, and the Move. And I wonder what no more software updates mean.

      Will they stop working in the future?

  • How’s this compared to Audio Pro C10?

    • Best to listen too them for yourself. Get your favourite tracks and play them at those home theatre shops that carries both brands. There are reviews out there that pointed out that C10 sounds better, if you just google it. App user friendliness, that would be slightly difficult to know.

    • I have 2 x five paired in stereo, and a c10.
      I prefer the c10 as a single standalone speaker.

      If you’re using anything with an aux (turntable etc) don’t bother with Sonos. The latency is unbearable

      • C10 is a surprisingly good speaker. We are a retailer of these and they hold their own compared to Bose & Sonos.