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AWS Courses: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, Practitioner, SysOps, Practice Exams from A$10.99 & More @ Udemy

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    Thanks OP .. I needed a push to get started in some AWS certification .. this was it. Purchased a few

    • Which one did you purchase to start with? Mind to share? Thank you.

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        I know the question is not directed at me, but I purchased my course from this guy- https://www.udemy.com/course/ultimate-aws-certified-sysops-a...

        Before you start your aws assosiate exam, start with the certified cloud practioner. Things might have changed now, but from memory, its half the price of associate exam and once you pass this, you will get a 50% discount from amazon for your next exam evening the price out. this will remove all the nervousness of sitting an assosiate exam directly and help you prepare better.

        Apart from this course, Its also important to complete mock exams/practise exams. I took atleast 6 to 7 mock exams before appearing for actual ones. I got mock exams from the same author as the course and also from Tutorials dojo.

        • Thank you for the information. Can i ask if the exam is onsite or online?

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      What you need to complete the certification is not just buying the course, but to book the exam. Brain works harder when a$$ is on fire!

  • Pro tip, I've done the AWS Cloud U practice material and exams now and the content in the practice exams by these random people is vastly different from what is actually there.

    Make sure you do a few different ones to cover all your bases.

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    Definitely one of the best 3 instructors on Udemy for AWS. Steve Davis, Jon Bonso and Stephane Maarek are all AWS guns and you should consider courses from all 3 guys if you want to get AWS certified. My recommendation is to get the courses from one of those 3 instructors and then buy practice exams from everyone. I've scored 80%/90% on two associate levels doing this and studying the professional ones now.

    • Thinking of buying the Developer Associate Training by Neal Davis course but I heard Adrian Cantrill's courses are excellent. Comparing both syllabuses, looks like Cantrill goes into more depth. Anyone got any thoughts?


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        For those who know Cantrill that I’ve seen, all of them think his courses are the best. He emphasised that his courses are not to just pass the exams, but to actually gain the practical knowledge along the way.

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          Did Cantrill's courses - got all associates + pro certs.
          Now working full time almost doubling my salary.

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        Yes. Adrian Cantrill’s are the best. For practice exams, Jon Bonso is the best.

  • I have seen a few of these here. But hsvent seen any AWS Machine Learning ones?

  • That Neal Davis is awesome

  • What are the job prospects for an Amazon Cloud/AWS expert these days? I am thinking about doing one of these courses but I don’t have an IT background and was wondering if these courses would be useful at all..

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      TBH, I would say these exams for people in industry and have 1-2 years aws experience, they may then have a higher position/salary.

      If you don't have any IT background/AWS work experience, these exams could be difficult, and may not really help you to get a job as your expectation

  • Aws is in high demand

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