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Nikon Telephoto Lens AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR $298.85 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is the cheapest I have personally seen this lens, though CamelCamelCamel might have other things to say. Absolute bargain for under $300 delivered, in my opinion. If you see a lower price than this anywhere, I'd love to know.

Please make certain your camera is compatible before ordering this lens. It will not work on older bodies.


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  • Oo yeah I remember this lens when I was a Nikon shooter. Fantastically sharp 75-200 or so but does get quite slow and soft after that. Should be a great lens at this price if a hobbyist and you're still shooting dslr and not going mirrorless (clearly where the future is now!)

    • Can also be used with the discontinued Nikon 1 system (with FT1 adapter) for some extended reach, albeit with only one focus point.

    • I think you're remembering the AF-S VR verison. It's still my preferred lens. You just need to stop down a little at the long end. But it's parfocal so if you're chasing something and have to zoom while you're shooting you're less likely to get a blurry mess. Really good for airshows.

      The new AF-P is not parfocal, so if you zoom it requires time to re-acquire focus. It's faster focusing but not enough to compensate. So forget zooming quickly as you chase a fast jet or a soccer player. There's also some more purple fringing, and it's a bit slower at the long end - 6.3 vs 5.6. But it is very sharp - ridiculously so for a consumer lens.

    • The problem with going mirrorless is that there are so many systems and lens mounts.

      If you bought Canon or Nikon glass at any time in the past few decades, you could be sure to get a lifetime out of it. That’s still true. DSLRs aren’t going anywhere for professional use.

      But which mirrorless formats are going to survive? I have no idea, and don’t want to spend money on glass that is potentially going to be useless without a clunky adapter on future bodies.

  • Cheaper at both Camera pro and ryda

  • Hmm, was this price for most of 2019 but been around 450 in 2020 til now

  • bought this for $234 Nov 2018 in one of ebay 20% sales, excellent lens

  • I took this lens along with a basic d5300 when I went a few years ago on Safari. In my opinion, its pound for pound as good as what you can get at the entry level of things. I did find at the absolute limit (similar to above) around 250+mm it started getting a bit washy, but short of stepping up to a 700-$800$ plus lens, you won't notice the difference from a telephoto perspective.

    • Are you sure you're not talking about the discontinued AF-S version that is 5.6 at the long end? It was the one with a reputation for softness at the long end, though if you stepped down to f/8 it was fine. (I have had multiple copies).

      This lens was only released at the end of 2016, which granted is 4.5 years now.

  • I shoot Sony now but back when I had my Nikon DSLR this was my absolute favourite lens. Only ever used this and the 35mm 1.8 prime, 10/10 combo for the price. I desperately want the same lens again but the fact of the matter is that a lens with similar reach on FF will never even be close to the same size and price this was.

    Highly recommend.