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[Android] Absolute Drift $1.09 (was $4.59)/FRAMED $1.09 (was $4.59)/FRAMED 2 - $1.69 (was $7.99) - Google Play


Really great prices for these three very highly rated games for your Android devices. All absolutely worth their entry prices.

FRAMED: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noodlecake...

FRAMED 2: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noodlecake...

From the website: Absolute Drift:

In Absolute Drift, you will master the art of drifting. Practice your skills in Free-Roam and compete in drift events such as Driftkhana and Mountain Drifting.

Note: This version contains all the Zen Edition content for master drifters.

Key Features

• Drive and customize up to 6 drift cars 🚘
• 3 Game Modes: Driftkhana, Drifting, & Mountain Drifting with 34 levels
• Custom Event and Drift Line Challenges
• 5 Midnight Events to Challenge the Most Seasoned of Drifters
• 5 Free-Roaming areas, each with unique levels and themes, from airports and docks to a floating metropolis
• Online Leaderboards
• Local Replays and Ghost Cars.
• 3+ hours of clean Drum & Bass and Electronic music by C41 and Nyte
• Bluetooth Controller Support

From the website: FRAMED:

FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of animated comic book to change the outcome of the story.

⚠ NOTE: You may need to restart your device after installing on Android 6 due to a bug in the Android Operating System

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★


Featuring a fusion of all-new game mechanics & fiendish puzzles, FRAMED has received many design awards as well as being an 'Excellence in Design' finalist in the IGF 2015.


Simply grab comic panels and swap them with a touch of your finger!


Hand-crafted, award-winning art and animation brings the noir world of FRAMED to life.


An evocative music score featuring live jazz performances fused with modern themes and beats sets the mood.


Unlike anything you’ve played before, FRAMED delivers a completely new type of game experience. Plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy!

From the website: FRAMED 2:

Years ago, a mysterious ship smuggled precious cargo into an exotic land.
A standalone entry in the FRAMED series.

FRAMED 2 is a noir puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the story.

Taking place before the events of the original game, FRAMED 2 is the follow up to Hideo Kojima's 2014 Game Of The Year, FRAMED.

FRAMED 2 is designed optimized for phones and tablets!


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    Does anyone know if you can use a controller for the drift game?


      Listed above: Bluetooth Controller Support


    Absolute Drift is awesome on the PC.. but takes heaps to get used to for the drifting mechanism. Grabbing it for Droid too. lol