Skymee Smart Automatic Pet Feeder, Wi-Fi, Camera, 2-way Audio, App, 8L $186.99, 12L $191.25 Delivered @ Skymee via Amazon AU


Been looking at a solution to feed my pets while away for a while now. This looks to be the best product i can find. It's not an all time low, but still a really good price.

It really hurt me in terms of $/value, but I went the 8L due to the smaller size. Plus I only have 2 cats, so 12L is a bit excessive.

8L - $186.99
12L - $191.25 (make sure to select the $20 coupon box before adding to cart)

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  • Still seems pricey for a timed food dispenser. Depending on "smart" features I suppose.

    Anyone have a good alternative?

    • I appreciate this. And tend to agree based on what I "feel" it should cost. But I couldn't find any good alternatives after a bunch of research. Similar products seem to not have a camera, just be for treats, get food stuck, can be knocked over more easily, doesn't have back-up power, only connects to bluetooth, etc. The most convincing thing for me was really that the App that comes with this was really highly rated. When it comes to things like apps, and smart tech, all I really need it to do is "not be a problem". Apparently, the app connects first goes, works as advertised, and the product does everything it's meant to. I think in the meantime, for $187 bucks, that's the best value for money I could find.

      Happy to be wrong, and I realise you were asking for an alternative but thought I'd include my reasoning.

      Basically, the freedom this will give me and my partner to go away for a few days and be confident the cats are well fed was worth $180, over say $100 for something that didn't quite do everything I wanted it to.

      • Thank you. I genuinely appreciate your detailed and considered response.

        I'm new to looking at something like this for my pets and looking to pick up 2 units (dog and cat at seperate feeding stations). I don't have a good feel for the features available yet. Seen a bunch of models in store at JB Hifi for similar prices.

        Reliability would be a priority for me. As well as alerts such as a problem with releasing the food or running low on food

        • That's all right, happy to help in some small way! What were the similar ones you were looking at at JB HiFi? I'm curious :)

          • @Lockdude: More wandering through a store and having a look. Couldn't give you specifics. I recall around $200-250. But their website only has the one model, and in store they had several

  • I have been using a 10L ebay unit for 2 years now. Can record voice and programme but no camera . It works on 4 batteries and has an audible alarm if it gets stuck. The only problem is the speed at which the dispenser turns is really slow, the motor seems underpowered. But barring that havent had any issues.. don't feed my dog manually anymore

  • Can't remember how much I paid but it is on ebay for 92 atm

    • Ah, thanks for sharing! I say the following not to put this down, but just mention why I didn't go for something like this. For me I wanted the camera, wired power with backup battery, and an app to control the product. Certainly something like what you purchased would do the trick depending on what you want and what your budget is :)

  • You may wish to explore/google the products on offer from Petwant.

    I have the older PF-103 and it’s quite ok compared to others, if I look over it’s lack of infrared at night.

    Had 1/2 others before that one and they broke quickly.

  • Thanks OP, bought one today :) Seems to be the best value for money when compared to other feeders around the same price range.