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Another little freebie for all your hobby stock market trader's out there. ;-)

From the website:

Learn trading basics with fun

Trader’s Way is a mind-challenging game in which you are introduced to the ups and downs of the stock market. It will allow you to master your trading skills and practice how to use strategy to manipulate stock prices to your advantage and your opponents’ disadvantage.

Game Features

• Get familiar with the stock market
• Practice trading strategy
• Manage portfolio
• 2-5 players
• Multiplayer
• Compete against 3 levels of computer difficulty
• Optional game features: Bank; Economic events; Pro Mode; Bankruptcy
• Game Centre Leaderboards and Achievements

Not Just a Game


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    Get familiar with the stock market

    Which one?


    If I lost $40k in the real game, I wonder how much I can lose on this one?

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    Hasn’t been updated in 2 years or reviewed in more.


      The developer probably quit programming after making a motza on crypto and meme stonks.


    strawman.com for those who want to invest (not trade) but want to ease in with fake money like this