S21 (24 months) vs S21+ Ultra (36 months)

My plan for my s10 finished a couple months ago but I've been struggling to decide where to go next. I think I'd like to stay with samsung so hence S21.

I don't really want to spend over $90/month.
So I could get S21 over 24 months at $87/month
Or S21+ Ultra over 36 months at $86/month

3 years is a long time with the same phone, but I figured the performance, features and battery of the Ultra could justify it. Just after opinions.


  • Jeeezzz 36 months.
    I'd seriously look at buying outright and getting sim only.

    Especially if you have access to EPP and can trade in a phone. Samsung is practically throwing out their flagship models.

  • Buy outright.
    It's a depreciating phone, let alone if you break it in the first year then you'll be paying for another 2 years of contract.

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    36 months is a long time to be locked into something.
    Always buy outright, normally cheaper anyway.

  • -3 votes

    3 years hanging onto the same phone. No thank you!

    It's a phone, not a bloody car.

  • How much are these with the EPP?

  • Wait for one of those plans in JB hifi, pays $299(plus), and $499(ultra) upfront and monthly $99 or something like that for 12 months. Much better value (just in my opinion) :)

  • buy it outright and use Kogan $15/90 days sim :D

  • so thats $3096

    I went for a A52 EPP, that cost me $430 outright. Didn't see point of S21 when A52 works fine and $1000 less. S offered nothing I wanted or needed.
    A52 has a bigger battery

    leaves $2666 for a plan. I'm using Kogan $150 pre year but waiting for Aldi $99 plan again.

    So give you $2216 in change and still a good phone.

  • Quick Maths: $86 * 36 = $3096
    Boost $300 240 GB sim * 3 = $900 (although you can get it much cheaper)

    final cost of the mobile = $2196

    There are cheaper mobile plans and phone plans available. I would suggest either buy outright or wait for JB Hifi deal

  • "3 years is a long time with the same phone"- not bragging at all but I'm still using my 6 years old iPhone 5S and 4 years old Galaxy S8. About to changeover the iphone to Galaxy S21+ that I got off the HN deal last week :)

  • 24 months contract is still a long time.
    It isn’t about how long you use the phone. It is how long you are in the contract.
    The same contract currently at $86 will be at $50 or lower in 6 months.

  • can you wait for this deal to pop up again? its pretty good value if you have no access to EPP

  • Can I just confirm this is correct

    You sign up to the telstr jb hifi $99/month plan. For 12 months

    After 12 months you are free to leave no fees?