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$0 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB on 12-Month $99/Month 150GB Telstra Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like a pretty good deal. Minimum cost is $1188 over 12 months.

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  • Wondering if telstra kills off the early termination loophole yet.

    • They have for the job hi-fi deals cuz the contract states that you have to pay back the 500 voucher … But for some reason the Telstra contract for this deal doesn't seem to have that clause in there?

      • We did this yesterday and it states $594 early termination.

        I gotta look into the payback of the voucher

        • and whats the go?

          • @pwildnz: So although there is no voucher handed to you, the deal is based on their usage of a $500 voucher which would be payable in the event of a cancellation.

            It’s an awesome deal either way, and we got it because we wanted a phone upgrade, so we’re happy

            • @Sh3nanigans: so definately gonna be $594 early termination fee plus 500 have to pay back to jb?
              is it definately pro rated EG if i left after 6 months i would need to pay the $250 back to jb + telstra early termination fee?
              is the sim locked to the phone, EG if after 6 months i needed to leave could i sell my sim to a mate for $50 a month and he gets all the benefits meaning 99X12=1188 less $50 X6 - 300= total cost 888?

        • whats the go with insurances etc….. is there anything included in the plans if you crak screen or item stolen etc?

          • @pwildnz: Insurance was optional, and we didn’t ask too many questions about it.

            Phone is unlocked

            Selling it to your mate is up to you, as long as your understand that you are responsible for the monthly payments, and all the other T’s and C’s.

      • The T&C attached to the page is obsolete because it only shows the $594 ETC. We signed up to this deal last week for a family member and the printed T&C provided at the time of signing up has the $500 voucher fee on top of ETC for any cancellations or change of the plan.

        • You don't need to pay the extra 500 voucher fee. Look at the good guys ultra post from around the 11/4.
          Tgg & jb hifi are the same company, and the contract is the same

          • @Wickadz: No the difference with the good guys was their offer deal terms didn't state that you're getting a voucher. All of JB hi-fi deals always state you're getting a voucher so it's enforceable unlike TGG.

        • rip to that loophole, it was excellent. This condition wasn't listed on the terms for the S20 FE deal last October :'(

  • Can't be existing Tesltra customer/need to port in. Please add to description.

    • Not exactly true. We signed up last week and just added a new service to Telstra. Then we walked into Telstra and cancelled the old service, and moved the number from the old service to the new service. Took 10 minutes.

      • Done this about 6 times, works a treat

        • Unfortunately, I’m not sure it is viable anymore it seems, i have done it and cancelled JB contracts in Telstra store previously to score phone/GC but now the new contract we got as stated above in a comment it specifically says ETC is $594 + $500 for the S21 deal we recently got from JB.

          Guess we gotta wait the full 12 months now :(

          It was even more lucrative for myself and my partner as we can salary sacrifice the phone plan through work so we didn’t pay GST or marginal tax on the cost, so $99 a month came to around $61 a month.

          • @toshjammi: The actual ETC in the system maybe less than that. You need to Live Chat with Telstra and they will tell you, that's what I found out with the $59 plan deal last time.

            Not sure how much it is for this $99 plan, if you have signed up, can you Live Chat with Telstra and let me know?

          • @toshjammi: But you'd be cancelling the old service and putting the old number on the new one? Why would etc be relevant?

      • I’m so sorry can you please clarify how are you did this I’m trying to get this deal on an existing phone number that is with Telstra.

        • Get a whole new number with Telstra, then go to Telstra store with both numbers, ask to cancel the old plan and put the old number onto the new plan.

        • I went straight to telstra after I picked up the phone. The dude spotted the jb bag and accused me off trying to scam gift cards, then pretended to look it up on the computer and told me it was locked for 7 days after purchase.
          Went home and got chat to do it. But it took forever to get someone who knew what I wanted.

  • Do these JB/Telstra plans have data sharing like the new Telstra plans?

  • So ETC $594 + $500 if cancel on day one?

    • Yes.

      From what I could understand of the contract, the $500 voucher repayment is pro-rated over 12 months. So I guess you pay back $250 after 6 months.

    • 2 weeks ago there were people signing up for the ultra and getting out of the 500 voucher fee - only paying 594

      • Sounds like really need see the in store t&c's

      • https://imgur.com/gallery/Xxtioyu

        JB plan from the other week. $99 12 month with $10 credit, came with the s21 for free from JB.

        $594 was the normal ETC but it’s definitely more than that.

        When I used to do this, Telstra App always just said 50% of plan cost over remaining months.

        • Like I said above, it is still cheaper than what it is written in your contract which is $594+$500. This cost will reduce daily. BTW, can you show the cost breakdown screenshot?

          • @samehada: There is no cost breakdown. Just has one number. When the missus cancelled her other Telstra plan and swapped the number, her ETC in the mytelstra app and the ETC stated by Telstra were identical, so my guess is if it says $800+ in the app, it’s going to be that to cancel.

            The T&C we got given also stated $594 ETC + up to $500 fee as what others have said.

  • NVM. Answered below.

  • same plan as last time deal without the $10 port-in credit. Not sure how this $10 port in credit works, maybe just limited time promo or if you can ask for it with Telstra Live Chat?

  • So, you also get a $500 GC as well?

  • Is the $299 upfront purchase worth upgrading to the s21+?

    • You can compare phones using GSM arena or others m. Google s21 vs s21+

      I found the ultra to be worth the ~500 extra

  • waiting for s21 ultra deal. atm $849 upfront…. out my budget and may be not worth it.

  • Looked at this before, could sell the phone for about $900 I'd say?

    • I have seen so many "unwanted gifts" of S21 deals at $900 listing price. This seem to be the bottom line on GT right now. Having said that knowing GT, I would say the actual price of exchange is lower.

      Also there is so much charge back scam right now you are not assure a safe sale unless its cash. That is what I did when I sell my Oppo Reno on the Flybuy deal. You would also want this happen in a secure location like you work office. I think its too hard to score a cheap data sim when you can get COL for $30 a month or Voda at $45 month by month.

  • Anyone know if they'll give a Telstra credit for new connections?

  • anyone know if the $10 port in credit will be applied?

  • so much talk of early termination etc?
    so if i take this deal then say - need to go away perminantly , whats the cost to me?
    the jb voucher - is it definately pro rated EG if i left after 6 months i would need to pay the $250 back to jb + telstra early termination fee?
    is the sim locked to the phone, EG if after 6 months i needed to leave could i sell my sim to a mate for $50 a month and he gets all the benefits meaning 99X12=1188 less $50 X6 - 300= total cost 888?

  • So I have not received the ETC way before this 500 crap thing. That was back in sep/Oct20.

    • You're home free buddy - under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, signatories (Telstra is a signatory to the Code) cannot bill for charges older than 160 days from the date the charge was incurred.

      5.4.2 Timeliness for Billed Charges: A Supplier must:
      (a) endeavour to incorporate all Charges relating to the
      current Billing Period into a Bill;
      - 50 -
      C628:2012 COPYRIGHT
      MAY 2012
      (b) inform the Customer, or former Customer, that some
      Charges in a Bill may relate to a previous Billing Period; and
      (c) not Bill for Charges older than 160 days from the date the
      Charge was incurred for that Telecommunications Service

      I've even linked a copy of a Code for your reassurance that's stored on Telstra's website.


      • Wow that's great info, thanks for that mate. I purchased S20 FE from JB on plan in October and then cancelled it the next day. But I still haven't received bill so I think I won't be paying them anything now.

      • This is incredible mate. Cheers.

      • Oh wow. Much appreciated the technical copy and paste followed by the linked material.

        I think every time I've gone through these codes, I was passively looking out for how they're able to f*** me so that I could understand the circumstances better.

  • Visited a JB store. Asked for termination charges for this offer.

    Rep asked if I am planning to cancel the contract. I said that I will cancel after 6 months. He refused to sell the contract to me citing I am planning to cancel 😀.

    • 🔥🔥 jb has caught on.

    • Odd, he should still have an incentive for one of those sales.

    • So what's the deal with people trying to cancel the contract? Don't you still have to pay the lumpsum amount in full?

    • This comment will sure get NAG is seconds but I really feel for the boys and girls in JB and GG.

      I mention this before when I sign up to the Huawei deal two years ago, I was talking to the guy in JB and he right up call OZBs are AssHs. I can certainly align with his point of view now….. Most of these JB / GG are reasonably good deals already. Yet every time a deal came up, most comment are involve in scamming the phone off JB / GG.

      Just think!! Think for a minute how selfish these acts are!! Imagine you are the sales person in JB. thinking that you have done quite well over the weekend selling a reasonable amount of contracts only to find out few days later people who are trying to scam a cheap / free phone and all your target is gone!! All that hard work for nothing..

      • with the correct ETC now ppl won't get anything doing it that way. It's now best to just sell the phone and keep the SIM to use. Win-win for both sides, you got 1yr service for negligible cost.

        • Well you have to find a secure way of selling your phone to start. and no paypal is not safe. Once you got drag into a chargeback on PayPal, I swear you will not trust it again.

          Like I said if just for scoring a cheap sim, better to just go to COL, Vodafone or wait for Telstra sale like now

      • "all that hard work for nothing" - well I mean they still got paid to do their job lol. Shouldn't matter at the end of the day if they get cancelled later. Not to mention JB and Telstra being multi million dollar companies.. I'm gonna worry about myself well before i worry about either of them!

  • can anyone suggest a workable usb-c earphone adaptor?

  • I saw that someone said no to Data Sharing

    If I port in to an existing busoness account how does that work as my whole accou t is usually shared

  • Does anyone know if you can get the $5 data share sim to go with this plan? Thank you

  • Trying to sell my current phone to fund this plan, not sold yet so hopefully they will repeat the deal 😬

  • What options are available for this phone (S21+) on the Optus network with data sharing for low/zero upfront cost?

    Harvey Norman was running a deal in March but my local store (Melb CBD) says it has finished.

    • Admire you persistence…..

      You can always sign up with Optus and pay RRP over payments of 24-36 months. Remind you all their so call discount does not apply to 12 months contact. If you not prepare to keep your phone after 12 months. You can go on a 36 months payment with Optus and they currently have a 12 months free trade up offer. Naturally you will want to take up insurance too which add 15-20 dollars to your bill.

      Alternatively wait for another Harvey deal or Click Frency in a months time. Bear in mind that any half decent deal involve Optus will certainly lock you in with them for at least 24 months.

      Why is that you need Optus? I know the data sharing feature is good and I had that setup too but with large data plan so cheap these days I find that feature not so important anymore but am annoy by their stubbornness on pricing.

    • Harvey deal is now two $65 dollar plans with 2 free phones

  • Does anyone know if you can pay the difference to upgrade the phone with this offer?

  • ultrasonic fingerprint scanner sucks so not happy with this phone