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Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Camera US$452.82 or A$591.99 Delivered @ Banggood


Seems to be the cheapest available to Australia at the moment. Shipping estimate is US$2.83/A$3.70.

May be cheaper on the Banggood app. Don't forget cashrewards (5-8% at time of posting).

Comparison with One R

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  • Has anyone bought from Bangood before. not many reviews from australia. lots of bad reviews for cancelled orders and slow delivery

    • Banggood is good, but wont rely on the warranty for a fairly expensive product.

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      I've bought many things from them over the past few years and have never had problems. I've never had to deal with their warranty service though.

      When reading reviews online it's worth keeping in mind that people will often only go to the effort of leaving a review if they're annoyed at something. People who have had no issues, like me, probably have never even thought about looking for a review site to post a review because there's not much to say. "I ordered a product and received it. 5 stars!"

    • I have bought a lot of R/C hobby stuff from banggood. Everything has turned up, don't recall any orders cancelled. Delivery is slow but I would expect that being so cheap lol.

    • Many many orders from them. They are fine.

  • I bought many things from Bangood too. Usually no problems on delivery and product quality.
    1. Packaging come in very shabby and unreliable. Sometimes the outer box packaging even crushed.
    2. Delivery period is between 3-6 weeks.
    3. Postal tracking is not reliable or no tracking at all.

  • I bought several times from them. They are ok although I have not dealt with warranty claims yet. For higher value items, they use faster courier shipping with tracking, usually 1-2 weeks.
    Keep in mind that to sell at the lowest prices, these companies have to compromise with cheapest packaging like some other mentioned above, and after sale service if you have problems. Factor in these risks vs savings.