How to Connect Airport Extreme 5th Gen to nbn FTTB & Tangerine

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has successfully used AirPort Extreme 5th gen with FTTB (VDSL) NBN.

I am with tangerine and can’t figure this one out.

I have set it to PPoE with my username and password but I’m still getting error messages.

Is there any setting I’m missing?

I really appreciate everyone’s help as I am trying not to get their pre-set router (non refundable) in case the connection is not good.

Thank you!

(If that helps I plugged another modem and the wan light was flashing (but that is not compatible with vdsl so it didn’t work)


  • You are missing a VDSL2 modem. Time to upgrade from the Apple AirPort Extreme.

    FTTB = VDSL2 modem + Apple AirPort Extreme 5th gen router.

    • Thank you Twix. I can be wrong but I did some research and it seems like it is compatible with vdsl2?

      • The Apple AirPort Extreme is compatible with FTTB if you put a VDSL2 modem before it. It is still using wireless 802.11n hence the suggestion to upgrade the lot.

  • Update: I bought a TP-Link AC1200 and I’m still unable to connect to tangerine. I am guessing I bought the wrong device again :/

    • TP-Link sell many AC1200 modem and routers. What is the full TP-Link name on the box?

      • Hi Twix,

        It’s AC1200 mesh Wi-Fi router (archer a6)

        • Archer A6 won't work by itself on FTTB and it needs a VDSL2 modem before it.

          TP-Link Archer all-in-one modem and routers are the VR400, VR600, VR2100, VR2800.

  • Thank you! At least this one I can return.

    I just ordered a NetComm NF18ACV AC1600. This one should work right?

    Thank you again!

  • Would you recommend any cheap modem to maybe connect it to the AirPort Extreme?

  • Update: still can’t make it to work lol