Help Me Find Buy a Laptop Today!

Help my laptop died. I need to finish an assignment. Lucky it's all backed up to the cloud. Help me buy a new laptop.

This is what I had -

I'd love to find something similar. I really don't want to spend more than $800 it's hard to search on my phone and I don't want to be that person with the screaming 2 year old looking at laptops


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    What is actually wrong with current laptop?

    What were the symptoms leading to its death?

    • My daughter has jumped/dropped it multiple times. Its been a slow decline

      • TIL, this is the new “the dog ate my homework”. 😁

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    Where are you located?
    Can you wait for an online purchase?

    • Adelaide, hoping to get one today or tomorrow

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    Are you able to go to your educational institution's computer lab to finish your assignment and buy one a few days later?

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      Not without a 2 year old

      • A lot of unis (and some public libraries) used to have loan laptops, not sure if it's still a thing.

        • Still a thing at Macquarie Uni

  • Does your phone support HDMI out and a bt keyboard mouse ?

    • Laptop won't turn on. Gets power, but won't power up

      • "phone" not "laptop"

        I expect FoxJump was going to suggest using your phone as a desktop (plug in HDMI display and keyboard).

        • Yep. That's where I was going to go.

          • @FoxJump: It's a solid option and not to be overlooked.

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              @iDroid: Esp if assignments are about a picture here, a table there and some text.

              If you need to do some fancy simulations or otherwise then .. yeah need computer.

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    $800 is a tight budget but looks alright.

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      15.6" HD (1366x768) SVA, BrightView, micro-edge, WLED-backlit display

      egads. no, please don't buy that. SVA means standard viewing angle (it's a HP marketing term for TFT display) which is the worst possible type of display you can put into a lapto.

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    If you have your files get on gumtree and buy something like you had for about $200, pick up straight away, there are a lot of gumtree people selling old business style laptops they buy in bulk with similar specs that would probably be ok for assignment work.

    Then wait until a decent offer comes along on here and resell the gumtree one.

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    Maybe used ex lease office laptops like Hp Probook, Elitebook, Dell Latitude or Vostro, Lenovo Thinkpad.

    They wont be latest model of processors with that budget. Just look for something with an SSD and at least 8gb of ram that is upgradable.

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      Option 1: good
      Option 2: slow and low-resolution display. Bad for productivity
      Option 3: good

      • How can a HP be good ????

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      Bit of advice: Umart may seem scary to you because you've not seen it before (they've been around for years), but I can almost guarantee you that you will receive better customer service there than Harvey Norman.

      If you go via HN, I hope you don't have to return it for any reason. I've tried to do that with a laptop and it was an insanely stressful experience. They're your friend right until you're walking out the door with a product.

      I'm not sure how computer savvy you are but,

      1) Don't buy their extended guarantee. Goods sold in Australia are always covered by a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

      2) Don't buy whatever anti-virus software they try to sell you. When my partner and I bought a laptop from them they tried to sell us Norton, and said we were choosing not to at our own risk. Got home and set up the computer and guess what was already on there? Norton. So they were either going to pretend they put it on and charge for it, or take it off and reinstall and charge for it.

      Also Norton, like many anti virus software, is terrible bloatware that will consume your laptop's power. Windows defender + Malwarebytes + Ublock origin + don't be stupid on the internet = all you need.

      • Norton on new laptop is only trial based tho.

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      Option 1 is only an HD screen, not FHD. The one I put up is FHD

      • 768p is made for hell, my 2014 mobilephone has a 1080p. I want to go burn down every LCD factory that makes 768p screens. It's 2021 and laptop manufacturers still fitting 768p screen??!!! Cut a few pixels to extend battery life???

        2K 3:2 laptop display FTW!

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    Can you go to a library to finish the assignment?
    I know it's not ideal with a 2yo but gives more time to buy a computer

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      gives more time to buy a computer

      Agreed… There'll be better prices next month due to the end of the tax year.

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    If there is an apple store nearby go an get the cheapest Macbook Air M1 which should be in stock. It will be above your budget but you can buy it on credit card, use it for 14 days to complete your assignment, then return it no questions asked. In the meantime look for another laptop within your budget

    • You could then do it again with another credit card, giving you 28 days free usage….

      • Microsoft Surface is even better with 60 day returns. However they are online only so have to wait a couple of days for shipping.

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    11th Gen i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Non-touch FHD, 15.6". You get 20% off the RRP if you have an email, which works out to be $879.2, ships the same day.

  • Only way you are going to get a laptop today is to go to a physical store like HN, Bing Lee, JB Hi Fi, Officeworks, MSY, MWave, etc etc. Google and see what they have in stock.

  • Forget your budget. Apple products last longer than others, can run Windows if that’s your thing, have better resale and if you have a damage issue you may be one of the few that should get AppleCare. Interest free is available and then you can forget about replacing it for at least 5 years which is when you will sell it and what you get for it will offset the price of the next one. The new MacBook airs are years ahead of the competition in the budget you are looking at. Seriously look at the big picture here. No matter what you buy try and get a cheap backup hard drive for when that next accident happens and you don’t lose everything.

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      Not sure budgets can easily be ignored depending on how tight funds are BUT having been a PC person for 25+ years and a Mac person for the last 10, my personal experience is Macs have a lower cost of ownership over the medium-to-long term.

      Sold several 1yo Macs at 50-60% of original full retail price, every year for 7-8 years while I had salary sacrifice. (Not sure what 1yo resale is for HP, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung would be though.)

      My 13yo (Early 2008) iMac is still running and used by the family today 😄

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    What did you end up buying squeezals?

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