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EA Play 1 Year $26.59 + Service Fee (Converts to 4 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Active Users) @ Obsidian-Codes ENEBA


Payment service fee applies. Use the discount code EAPLAY4MOXGPU at checkout to cover the service fees and drop the price down to $28.59 after coupon and fees.

Depending on the payment method, your bank provider might charge a small conversion fee. However, since this conversion fee is solely based on the payment provider, it is not included in the end-price indicated in this deal.

When activating the 1-year EA Play code on an account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the Game Pass Ultimate subscription extends by 4 months.
More info here: https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/help/subscriptions-billing/ma...

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    Buyer beware, I’m still waiting on a disputed code to be sorted from the last time this came on sale. Super bad support from Eneba.

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      I'll give a small counter - I've ordered tons of things from eneba and gotten a great experience each time. That said if I needed support I feel like it would have been dicey.


        I ordered five of these recently with no problem.

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      I see this type of comment on almost every Eneba deal posted here.



      Sorry to hear about the issue and the delay in resolving it.
      That being said, I would be happy to escalate this to our support team to prioritise your case if you would share your order ID with me via a direct message on OzBargain.

      A guy from Eneba


      Just updating my post here guys as I have just discovered I was the problem not Eneba.
      I accidentally redeemed both keys I purchased on my daughters account so I thought it fair (for what its worth) to come back and update this post.


    Rep at no point did I come across an enter code section on my mobile and ended up paying full price, anyway to get a credit or refund the difference?


    Hey there, paid for the code and put in my mobile number but never received a verification text.
    Ticket logged

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    For those wondering where to put the code, select the product then the payment and just above the price at the bottom of the page there is an up arrow. The "got discount code?" will then show.


    If VPN method still works GPU is around $53 for 12mths here -

    Search ozbargain for details


      Did this to get started with gamepass. Can I do this on an already active account?