Do You Use Generic LPE6 Batteries with Your Canon?

Ozbargainers, assemble! I have a Canon 6D camera, and my batteries are starting to give up. Genuine Canon batteries go for about $90 each, and that's just too rich for my bargain blood.

I've looked at generic alternatives, but have seen warnings about the generics dying way too soon, or stuffing up the camera body in the worse-case scenario.

So it's over to you. Are there any Ozbargainers out there successfully using generic LPE6 batteries with their Canon cameras? I guess my definition of successful is that it behaves as closely to the genuine product as possible. If, so, what "brand" is it, and where can I get my hands on some?


I also hit a car with my car, whilst uninsured and am looking for advice on what to do. (just kidding)



    my 5d mark III works fine with non genuine batteries.


      What "brand" are they and where did you get them from?

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        variety of different ones. Being a sports shooter out all day a long way from a recharger I need a few batteries in the pack. most recent were ravpower ones that came with a 2-bank USB charger, those work fine, one I got with the camera when I bought it 2nd hand, others are just some generic ones from ebay I think. The ravpower ones are probably the cheapest reputable ones to get i'd recommend

        edit: looks like the ravpowers are hard to find now, might be able to pick up some. the others I bought from a batteries place that's now no longer in business…

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    BetterBatt. Using theirs in my 6D.

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    I had a generic "canon" battery in an old 450D, which ended up swelling and almost getting stuck in the camera. Buyer beware

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      I was going to say that. Always take your non genuine ones out and not leaving it in the camera.

      I have come across some really good fakes. Packaging, everything is the same except when you weigh the battery it is obviously not the same thing.

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    I have a bunch of them, all worked fine in my old 7D but a bit hit and miss in the 6D. They are many, many years old though. If I needed more I would be guying generic.

    P.S. Poor quality post. Its 'your friend' that had the accident :P

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    Not a 6D but I've used generic batteries in my 650d and m3 for a while now.
    Just some off ebay (650d) and amazon (m3) but thus far no issues what so ever with either.


    I’ve used a bunch of non genuine ones (most expensive being the Inca ones from JB) and hates them all. I’ve just stuck to getting OEM batteries in my 5D mk3 as they’re worth the extra cost (I use mine on loads of multi day hikes where cold weather performance was needed and I need spare batteries as charging gear takes up too much space)