"Unleash Store" (unleashstore.com.au) - buyer beware

I did my due diligence (confirming that unleashstore.com.au was a part of APAC OPEN LEARNING PTY LTD - ACN 629480539) before pulling the trigger on an order for a $100 book and paid by PayPal.

What happened
Within an hour or so, I received an email stating the order had been cancelled. No reason given….no refund processed…and:

  • email to [email protected] bounce
  • email to [email protected] bounce
  • calls to 0413xxx590 (the telephone number on their Facebook page) go to voicemail and are not returned
  • contact via the company listed on their PayPal account (maxsbooks.com) is a dead-end
  • the link on their website to their twitter account actually points at the ecommerce platform provider

I probably got scammed by a site purporting to be a bookseller. PayPal dispute in progress.

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      … story bro!

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    Looks like they also operate another scam book site called BookFari. Interestingly, their address is 35 Glebe St, NSW

    But yep, PayPal will refund you as they won't be able to get in contact with them either.

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      But Google has Bookfari @ 37 Glebe St…


      Looks like they also operate another scam book site called BookFari

      Interesting. Thank you

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    While it may have an ABN/ACN, without a contact number or address I personally wouldn't have touched it

    Just a big red flag to help avoid getting stung

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      without a contact number or address I personally wouldn't have touched it

      Me either. That's why I checked for both…

      35 Glebe St, Glebe 2037
      0413 298 590

      …and also inspected their Facebook page to see if it was active and/or full of complaints.


        was active

        Which also had only 8 likes…

        35 Glebe St, Glebe 2037
        0413 298 590

        Google maps street view of that address, as well as it only being a mobile number, doesn't instil confidence.

        Again, just highlighting red flags to anyone looking

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        There are a few 'companies' under that address (Previous rentals, by the looks of it).

        Superbook Traders Pty Ltd
        Stellar Inflight Pty Ltd
        Construction Profile

        It recently got listed to rent 11 Feb 2021 for Rent $135,000 / year.

        I'd say a fake/stolen ABN and location. Though, having a couple of book related companies on that address rings alarm bells.

        Not really worth your $100 that you'll get back from PayPal anyway! :D


    I actually ordered an item from the same website and the order went through just fine, they sent me an email of the receipt and updated the order details on my account so that I can check the tracking number. It did take a few days for them to respond to my payment but I placed the order on a Saturday so it's understandable. Honestly their biggest issue is probably lack of communication, aside from that one email I would have no idea about the progress on my order if I didn't keep refreshing the order information on the website. Until I receive my item I can't 100% vouch for the reliability of the website, but so far it seems pretty legit.


      Interested in learning how this pans-out for you. I'm still in the PayPal dispute process >_<

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        Just made this account because at first I thought this was a scam website too and this was one of the only few posts I can find about it. I thought I should share my own experience with the website. Not too interested in bargains in general if I'm being truly honest.

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    I just found them through Booko and red flagged, but your contribution helped confirmed there being too high suspicion here…

    Thanks for posting OP!

    I wonder why Booko lists them? Don't they restrict retailers, kind of like how ITAD does with digital game distributors?


    Footnote to this saga.

    PayPay refused to refund.

    I contacted my bank and requested a chargeback and, in parallel, I raised a dispute with AFCA about PayPal.

    1. The $99.00 was refunded by PayPal within the week
    2. AFCA accepted the matter as an EDR case so will charge PayPal the participant case fee (orders of magnitude more than the $99 refund I sought) for their involvement.