iPhone Cables/Chargers HELP

Hi, my children now all have IPHONES of varying degrees. The charger situation is getting crazy, apparently one phone didnt even come with a charger and the others use different cables i think.

Anyway, i want to stop all the fighting and shit and get each of them a Charger or Cord from Amazon.

What do i need? The Iphone 11 child already has 2 cords but no Charger. The others just use random USB Bricks (not sure if these are High Power) from my Android phones and need cables.

The phones are Iphone 8 plus, XR and an 11.



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    All those iPhones use Lighting to USB cables which makes it easy. They all work on most USB bricks.

    Are you after cables or USB bricks? Do they all charge in the same place or each separate?

    You could either get them each their own cables and bricks or get a multi-port one for them all to plug into, something like this: https://www.amazon.com.au/Anker-6-Port-Charger-Powerport-iPh...

    For cable I would recommend this Anker braided one. Not cheapest but it's long, tough and will last them years: https://www.amazon.com.au/Anker-Premium-Lightning-Certified-...

    You can get super cheap cables but advise against them to maintain battery health in the devices. Not worth the risk with cheap cables.

    Alternatively, you can get them wireless charging pads each. They're slow but convenient to just plonk phone on when not in use (is that a thing with kids nowadays?): https://www.amazon.com.au/Anker-Wireless-PowerWave-Qi-Certif...


    I buy the lightning cables off ebay, have had for months now and still working great also comes in lots of different colours so they can pick their own. Cheap also between $3- $7 for different lenghts. The amount of cables I have been through is crazy they always stop working the ones I buy from Kmart.


      Our company had a batch of lightning cables off eBay and we found they failed to work well with Apple Carplay. Worked perfectly for charging but for whatever reason it was very hit-and-miss on Apple Carplay.


    Probably best to buy the real Apple ones (the new fast 20w charging ones) as they will stay working. I found the cheaper ones work for a while then stopped.


      I have a BlitzWolf lightning to usb-c cable that's been working fine for over a year. I think some use third party lightning connectors which is the issue.


      I've been using some third party cables and bricks for at least a year or two now, no issues. Apple's chargers are normally overpriced, and don't necessarily last longer in my experience.

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    Amazon basics nylon lightning cables


    Buy from Kmart, that stuff breaks down all the time and it's easy to return.