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$7 off $15 at 'Delivered by Restaurant' Venues @ Menulog


Check your Menulog 'For You' page. $15 min spend (typo in screenshot terms). Stay safe, and enjoy.

$7 off voucher will be delivered via the 'For You' section and is only valid with orders valued $15 or more at 'Delivered by Restaurant' venues. Offer is not valid with McDonald's, Hungry Jack's or KFC orders. Menulog voucher is only valid in Australia. Offer is not valid with cash payments. Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with other vouchers or any other discounts or promotions provided or advertised from time to time.


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    i want to break free

  • Any reason why nothing pops up in the 'for you' section? Is there some sort of marketing election that is needed?

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    Just curious who will cover the $7? Menulog or restaurant?

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    I ordered from menulog last night and delivery was going to be 3 hours. I called them and my area is woefully understaffed with drivers, so I cancelled the order.

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      Should have thought of that before you lived in Tassie

    • For some reason they've been having issues lately. I had to cancel 2 orders 2 consecutive days because they couldn't assign a driver for over an hour ..

  • I got $5 off

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      Just use the code above and you get $7. :)

      • Tried a few restaurants but said it wasn't supported, even though they were delivered by Menulog. Might try again tonight :)

        • Needs to be delivered by restaurant.

          • @Coops1: Also needs to be a restaurant without free delivery, from what I can tell.

            • @DChiuch: nah restaurant with free delivery works. They just have to be delivered by restaurant

  • Thanks heaps, been a nightmare trying to get the code off menu log customer service
    (They emailed the promotion without the code)

  • Ordered in the morning, arranged to pick up at 6pm. Received text message at 6:10pm & ordered was cancelled. Bad customers service!

    • Ordered for 6:50 and went on chat and they kept joining the chat and leaving. They said there's no drivers available.. even though it said driver is assigned. They said "i think it's best we cancel this order" cancelled and ended the chat. What the heck.

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    Thanks TA. Made 2 separate orders and got $7 off each. Just delivered.

    • Which restuarant?

  • It's so weird.. the restaurant that I keep ordering using these codes
    tonight it said "voucher is not valid for this restaurant"