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3 Pack Coconut Rolls $9.97 (OOS), 12 Tubes Pringles $9.97 (OOS) + More @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Many snacks on clearance;

In Stock as of 9:45am 18/5

Majans Bhuja Snacks Crispy Noodle & Nut Mix 2 x 700g $19.97…

OB Finest Specialty Crackers 2 x 4 x 150g $19.97…

DJ&A Veggie Crisps 3 x 250g $9.97…

Out of Stock

Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls 3 x 285g $9.97…

Pringles Salted Egg 2 x 6 x 134g $9.97…

Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Original Crackers 2 x 566g $9.97…

Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky 2 x 310g $14.97…

Mariani Bulgogi Jerky 2 x 350g $19.97…

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  • Thanks, grabbed the coconut rolls.

  • Are salted egg Pringles any good?

    • +2

      Not really, a bit spicy when it's not meant to be and not salty enough

    • +2

      I like them. They're a lot lighter in the salted egg flavour than stuff like Irvin's but it makes it easier to eat more of it in one go.

      • +1

        easier to eat more of it in one go

        Is that a good thing? Lol

        • That depends on your diet :p

    • They taste good for the price but they don't actually have any egg cos they're vegan xD

      • they don't actually have any egg cos they're vegan

        I'm not sure why you think "skimmed milk powder" is vegan?

    • Not a real salted egg flavour if you've tried the real thing.

  • +3

    Don'r forget this one too. Godiva chocolates…

  • +1

    Coconut Rolls and Veggie Crisps are pretty good

    • both the ones that are gone :(

  • Thanks Op. Ordered the crisps.


    • gone in few minutes.. dammnnn..

  • +1

    Coconut rolls OOS

  • Damn it did go fast. I am not a member but is it worth becoming a member just for the online / delivery stuff? I really wont be going into the store much at all. Possibly the fuel occasionally.

    • +2

      I've bought maybe a handful of stuff compared to say Amazon and as you can see, the good stuff goes out of stock incredibly quickly. It's almost like a lottery so I wouldn't recommend signing up just for stuff like this.

      • Yeah thats what i was thinking after i saw how quickly it sold out. I had hoped they would become an online cheap / bulk store to compete against Amazon, would love to see aldi do that too but maybe they prefer people coming into the store as then they also get people buying other things that they hadnt initially planned on buying. I am surprised how quickly they sold out though, I thought being such a big bulk store that they would have heaps of stock.

  • lol all sold out. was just pressing buy now button for everything and none worked out.

  • nah…. sold out quickly

  • Ozbargained

  • Those coconut rolls are incredibly addictive.

  • Are these prices online? As in, is there stock instore?

    • The Pringles were in store but they were $13 for 6, so the online deal was much cheaper. Not sure about the other items, I didn’t check those.

  • Was this online only?

  • For those that missed out, they found some extra stock of the following;

    DJ&A Veggie Crisps 3 x 250g $9.97…

    Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky 2 x 310g $14.97…

    Mariani Bulgogi Jerky 2 x 350g $19.97…

    • All jerky now OOS

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