Japara / Oilskin Coat

3/4 or Short Length

Ebay ones any good?
Burke and wills?

I have a cheapy I bought from anacdonda a while back but after today I realise its not suitable for tassie winters

Mostly used for doing farm stuff / not fashion



    Not warm enough or not waterproof enough?
    They’re normally not designed to be overly warm and you need to layer.
    You can re-oil them if not waterproof enough.


      Probably both

      I felt like the waterproof-ness was on the limit today (couldnt think of a better word sorry!)

      I was thinking of something slightly thicker with fleece/fill


        I know what you mean. I’ve never worked in Tas but I like a fairly thick oilskin that’s just lined with cotton or flannel and then layering so that I don’t over heat when working.

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    One word. Drizabone.


    You can try cheaper sh#t for as long as you want, as many times as you want. When you want to get serious, buy something from this mob. It will be the last 'working coat' you will ever need to buy for the rest of your life.


      Do you know where you can buy Driza-bone new with a discount ie Cashrewards, Suncorp etc?


    This may be of interest OP:


    For the record/the mods/etc., please note OP that I personally have nothing to do with the ad linked to above … I just searched GumTree out of interest after reading your post, and came across the ad.