ASICS Novablast or Hoka One One Clifton 7 or Saucony Triump 17 - for Running?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a shoe mainly for easy/recovery/long (between 10k to 14k). I am around 60kg. Occasionally have knee problems after long runs. Both nova and clifton 7 are cushioned shoes. I have read some reviews on the internet, and appreciate your thought.

Main thing to consider is to avoid injuries


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    I've only ran in ASICS and they are by far the most comfortable shoe out there.

    Edit: I've got the Kayanos and they work great but I would suggest getting your foot ID to see which one is a better fit for your feet

    • Is the foot ID check the asics one in store?

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    have a look at the brooks range too

    • What would you recommend Lenny?

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    I used to run in only Asics Gel Nimbus, until I found the Hoka range. If you are after cushioning you cannot beat Hoka - they are called maximist shoes for a reason. Depending on what you are after, Hoka have a bg range of running shoes.

    • Thanks! will give nimbus a try :)

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    Depending on where you live you might find a running store operated by podiatrists who do a proper foot and running gait analysis as part of their recommendation of which shoe to buy. You don’t get discounted shoes but if you’ve got potential lower limb issues its worth doing.

    • Great idea! does the consultation cost anything?

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        No but you pay more for the shoes ie they don’t discount them.

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    For easy/recovery/long runs I would definitely recommend the Clifton's since that is what they've been designed for. I haven't heard many, if any negatives with the Clifton's. I would strongly recommend you try the shoes out in shops just to see how they feel/fit. A super cushioned shoe might be great for your legs, but if you start getting blisters in the first 2 km's you probably won't think too highly of the shoe.

    Personally I do all my road running in the Nike Tempo Next% and absolutely love them to death (i'm on my 2nd pair).

    • Thanks Phil. i did actually tried the clifton in store and it feels quick good, but just not sure if it will be different in the real run.

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    Avid runner here.
    If you are after something with lots of cushioning also consider looking into Saucony Triumphs. IMO they are better than the Novablast and will last longer.Hoka's have a tall stack height. If you never ran in Hoka's before you might find the stack height initially disruptive to your normal run stride and pace. They drawback of the triumphs and Hokas is they feel less responsive.

    If you want something with good cushioning but still a firm responsive ride, consider looking into Asics glideride 2. I tried them in-store and find they are the perfect balance between, responsiveness, cushioning and lightweight.

    • Thanks Penguin for your recommendation, Triumph is also another decent shoe.

      i actually have my nova with 900km mileages, looking to replace it. So far nova has enough cushion and bounce. Never run in clifton but i think nova has taller stack height?

      for gilderide2, isn't this one on the heavier side of daily runner?

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        The Glideride 2 is slightly more heavier than novablast, but i find it more durable. The added guided stability I find improves running speed.

        • Thanks again. Goal for this shoe is to avoid injuries, so speed is not priority. Will look into triumph and hoka

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